A premium class seat in its own enclosure, with curtains for privacy

Press Release: PriestmanGoode unveils VR experience of Pure Skies

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueLeading design consultancy PriestmanGoode has unveiled a VR experience of its concept for the future of aircraft interiors, Pure Skies.

Launched at the VR/AR Global Summit in San Francisco on 2 October, the VR experience brings to life the Pure Skies Room, PriestmanGoode’s vision for the future of business class.

The VR experience has been created by PriestmanGoode’s team of visualisers and CGI experts. The experience will aid the design studio in its conversations with suppliers and airlines about the future of transport.

Rob Walsh, Head of Visualisation at PriestmanGoode says, “Using VR allows our team to showcase every inch of our designs to our clients from an early stage in the design process. It’s a great tool to engage with stakeholders during the development phase.”

PriestmanGoode’s Pure Skies concept was unveiled in July and offers a roadmap towards future growth and passenger satisfaction in the aviation industry. The concept has received widespread interest from airlines and airline industry suppliers, as well as global media attention.

The Pure Skies premium seat is seamless and smooth, ensuring that dirt doesn't accumulate in crevices. This image shows the seat with smooth lines and LED lighting

Daniel MacInnes, Design Director at PriestmanGoode explains: “The interest we’ve had in our Pure Skies concept has surpassed what we could’ve imagined. It’s clear that there is great appetite for solutions that will help the travel industry recover. We created this VR experience to facilitate discussions with partners and innovators. While normally, we’d be able to meet our clients and suppliers around the world to develop these concepts, the current situation has meant we had to find a creative solution to collaborate remotely. This new VR experience will allow us to do that.”

Walsh adds: “We’ve seen an increase in clients requesting VR as part of the promotional and advertising content we produce for them, but now there’s also growing interest in using it as part of the design process. VR offers us a collaborative tool that allows us to reach our designs quicker. Real time adjustments reduce the cost and time for physical mock-ups, allowing us to drive value into the design process.”


PriestmanGoode’s visualisation team is closely integrated with the design team, allowing them to create hyper-realistic environments more quickly and efficiently. The team produces everything from renders and wireframes during the design process to immersive content such as 360 apps, CGI and VR experiences for promotional and stakeholder engagements.

Walsh adds “VR allows us to ensure that all stakeholders in a project are clear about the design intent and can problem solve more effectively.”

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PriestmanGoode is a design studio dedicated to designing a better future. The London and China based company specialises in large scale projects in infrastructure, aviation, transport, hospitality and product design. Their work is used by millions of people around the world, every day.