About The Network

Runway Girl Network is unlike any other aviation news service in the world. Representing a collective of talented aviation journalists, the award-winning outlet combines deep industry intelligence with first-hand knowledge of the airline passenger experience (#PaxEx on Twitter) to provide unrivaled news and insight to both industry stakeholders and the traveling public.

An inherently social site Runway Girl Network is transforming the traditional aviation B2B trade news model to encompass a B2B2C model to consider passengers’ needs and wants. It provides coverage across four key categories: Passenger Safety, Comfort, Connectivity and Services.

RGN’s columns, Up FrontDetails and Design, and IFE Film Review, serve as opinion and analysis sections of the site, while our Multimedia features (RGN Live at expos, #PaxEx Podcast, In Conversation and #PaxEx TV) include on-location reporting and interviews, and bring meaningful audio and visual highlights to our audience.

Runway Girl Network also serves as a ‘Lean Into Aviation’ platform for highlighting the achievements of women in aviation, promotes equality, and celebrates culture, compassion and diversity.

Meet The Team

Mary Kirby

Founder, Editor and Publisher Mary Kirby has covered the aviation industry for nearly 20 years as both a journalist and an editor. After cut...Continue Reading

Becca Alkema

Operations Manager and Contributing Writer Becca Alkema oversees Runway Girl Network’s advertising assets and client relationships. Sh...Continue Reading

John Walton

Deputy Editor John Walton, an international journalist, pens a dedicated Opinion and Analysis section of RGN called Up Front. He specializes...Continue Reading

Tomás Romero

Contributing Editor Tomás Romero is an award-winning writer/producer from Los Angeles. He has written dozens of screenplays for such studios...Continue Reading

Kerry Reals

Contributing Editor Kerry Reals is a UK-based freelance journalist who has spent more than a decade on the aviation beat, with an emphasis o...Continue Reading

Neelam Mathews

Contributing Editor Neelam Mathews, who is based in Delhi, has been writing about Asian aviation and beyond – including Africa –...Continue Reading

Max Flight

#PaxEx Podcast co-host Max Flight is a producer of online aviation content, after having spent 35 years in the aviation industry working for...Continue Reading

Harriet Baskas

Contributing Editor Harriet Baskas writes about airports, travel, museums and a wide variety of other topics for outlets that include NBCNew...Continue Reading

Christine Negroni

Contributing Editor Christine Negroni is a freelance aviation and travel writer whose work appears in The New York Times, the Chicago Tribun...Continue Reading

Benét J. Wilson

Contributing Editor Benét J. Wilson is founder and sole proprietor of Aviation Queen LLC, an aviation/travel freelance writing and consultin...Continue Reading

Paul E. Eden

Contributing Writer Editor of Executive & VIP Aviation International, Paul writes for Aircraft Cabin Management; Airliner World; Aerospa...Continue Reading

Sandra Arnoult

Contributing Editor Sandra Arnoult has spent 15 years as an aviation journalist with a focus on regional and low-fare carriers, airports and...Continue Reading

Gavin Werbeloff

Contributing Writer Gavin Werbeloff, a real estate fund manager, has been a travel junkie and airplane geek since childhood. The Travel Budd...Continue Reading

Cynthia Drescher

Contributing Editor Cynthia Drescher is a professional travel journalist and more than a little obsessed with transportation. She’s fl...Continue Reading

Melissa Myers

Contributing Writer Melissa Myers works in the finance industry by day, but her three real passions in life are traveling, aviation, and the...Continue Reading

Jason Rabinowitz

Contributing Editor Jason Rabinowitz is a true #AvGeek who researches all facets of the airline passenger experience as Routehappy’s D...Continue Reading

Kathryn Creedy

Contributing Editor Kathryn Creedy is a successful author, journalist, public relations specialist and guest speaker. She founded Commuter/R...Continue Reading

Paul Ames

Contributing Editor Paul Ames is a freelance reporter based in Lisbon, Portugal. He writes regularly for POLITICO and has been published in ...Continue Reading

Joe A. Kunzler

Contributing Writer Joe A. Kunzler is a hardcore avgeek from Skagit County, Washington. He has photographed many airshows, and provided cove...Continue Reading