OneWeb satellite in low earth orbit with a great view of planet Earth.

OneWeb ramping up aero activity in advance of 2023 IFC debut

OneWeb is “fully on track” to complete the launch of its 648-strong global constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites by the mi... Continue Reading

The eSTOL aircraft as it may appear in Ravn Alaska livery

Airflow CEO Marc Ausman on the role of commercial electric flight

The electric revolution is coming… Although this is a line borrowed from the Airflow website, it’s also a fact. Airflow is working to bring a hybrid electric sh... Continue Reading

Tailwind Air aircraft landing on the water.

Tailwind Air serves NYC-BOS crowd with seaplanes

There is no lack of options to travel between cities in the Northeastern US. From Amtrak trains of various speeds, airline shuttle routes op... Continue Reading

A wing of an aircraft flying above a rendering of the earth. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA.

Industry explores EHF bands for inflight connectivity

Satellite operators and satcom hardware manufacturers are presently engaged in serious exploratory work regarding the use of extremely high ... Continue Reading

4 wine bottles displayed on a wooden table

At Hambledon, English sparkling wine asks a tough question

Champagne: it’s the tipple of choice for many passengers — whether up front in business and first classes worldwide, or even in economy on A... Continue Reading

Papers for travel. Passport and negative COVID test results. Europe US

Prepare for forms and more forms when flying Europe-US

It is important to carry the correct documents when traveling by air amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Flying from Los Angeles to Barcelona, Spain... Continue Reading