A nighttime view of Singapore's famous Marina Bay Sands hotel.

In Conversation: Singapore and COVID with Aaron Yong

in conversation use this oneLIFT Aero Design’s Aaron Yong joins aviation journalist John Walton from Singapore, bringing an update from the aviation superpower citystate, as well as how aircraft interior designers are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

What’s the situation like in Singapore right now? How will the forthcoming Singapore-Hong Kong quarantine-free air corridor work? And what exactly is going on with the world’s longest flight — or, it seems, not the world’s longest flight according to the airline — moving from Newark to New York JFK?

Inside the cabin, what are designers focussing on in the age of COVID-19? Are we set to return to the “wall of beige thermoplastic” in the name of hygiene? How are the details of the “visibly clean” trend shaking out? And what about incorporating antimicrobials into the very fabric (and plastics) of seats?

And how is Singapore Airlines making the most of its iconic brand to keep in touch with passengers even on the ground?