Graphical image of an aircraft, with a flat panel antenna transmitting from atop the fuselage

Hanwha Systems acquires antenna maker Phasor Solutions


Hanwha Systems Co (HSC) on 5 June acquired antenna maker Phasor Solutions out of bankruptcy, strengthening the South Korean defense company’s aerospace system capabilities.

“By acquiring the business and assets of Phasor Solutions, HSC secured Phasor Solutions’ engineers, proprietary technology including technical data and IPs (intellectual property rights) as well as tangible assets like test equipment, etc,” said HSC in a statement. Financial terms were not disclosed.

UK-based Phasor Solutions’ proprietary technologies include flat antenna beam steering and semiconductor chip design technology required for antenna Tx/Rx controls. Before filing for administration citing the impact of COVID-19, Phasor was working to crack into a number of verticals with its electronically steerable antenna (ESA) hardware, including aero, where it collaborated with Gogo, Astronics Corporation and Intelsat, the latter of which entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month.

HSC noted that Phasor’s ability to support connectivity over Low Earth Orbit satellites – such as those emerging from SpaceX and Amazon – was especially attractive.

In particular, since this technology can offer high quality wireless Internet services like video streaming on the airplane, and can be used for autonomous vehicle telematics (wireless Internet services for vehicles), the demand for this technology is expected to grow explosively.

In line with this trend, the market volume for satellite communication equipment is likely to grow continuously, reaching up to $42.4 billion (approximately 50 trillion won) in 2026.

Hanwha Systems CEO Youn Chul Kim added, “Though we are going through hard times due to the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, our company made a swift decision for the investment as this market has the big potential for the growth and this technology is of strategic importance for HSC.”

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