In Conversation: Recaro Aircraft Seating CEO talks aircraft interiors

in conversation use this oneDuring a visit to Recaro Aircraft Seating’s headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall, CEO Mark Hiller is in conversation with RGN deputy editor John Walton for a wide-ranging discussion of the aircraft interiors industry.

How have the high-tech seats we sit on in aircraft today evolved over time? Why is Recaro positioning itself as a consumer brand in a B2B2C space, and how does it work with airlines to market itself? What’s new in the world of seating, especially with the narrowbodied middle-of-market aircraft reaching longer and longer distances? How do the trends of individualisation, privacy, customisation and upgradeability work together?

And are we still using the Beyonce Model (if you liked it, you should have put a door on it) to create business class suites?