In Conversation: key trends and big news from a busy AIX 2018

in conversation use this oneWhat’s new in the world of the Aircraft Interiors Expo? RGN’s Mary Kirby and John Walton are in conversation about AIX 2018, talking new slimline economy seats, business suites, inflight entertainment, connectivity, and more from the busiest interiors show in quite some time!

How do these new slimline seats work? Do they really give you more room than previously? What’s the difference between the models from Geven, Recaro, Rockwell Collins, Pitch, Mirus and others? Is that really the Skyrider saddle seat making a reappearance? Why are so many seatmakers bringing business class suites with doors to the show? What’s new in the world of inflight entertainment, and what new systems are on the market? And in a turbulent time for connectivity, what’s the latest from the show floor?