In Conversation: Live inside a flydubai Boeing 737 MAX 8

in conversation use this oneRecorded live in one of flydubai’s 737 MAX aircraft, the airline’s vice president of inflight product, Dan Kerrison, is in conversation with RGN deputy editor John Walton, discussing this fascinating airline — “always the launch customer for something!” — and the innovative passenger experience it continues to design.

How is flydubai’s inflight and on-the-ground product evolving? To what extent does being a smaller airline than its bigger neighbour — and partner — Emirates make the airline more nimble? How did the airline work with JPA Design, Thompson Aero Seating, Recaro and Zodiac Aerospace to create the new cabin, seats and IFE? What soft product improvements are planned? How does inflight entertainment content work with the airline’s three official languages? Why does flydubai take its new 737 aircraft empty from Boeing? And how is the airframer’s new radome affecting inflight connectivity?