VIDEO: New bag trackers aim to give passengers peace of mind


If you’ve ever experienced the loss of your luggage, temporary or otherwise, you will recall how incredibly frustrating the situation can be. You know very well the feeling of dread that begins to creep into your gut as the crowd around the carousel thins and vacates the area. You know the displeasure of waiting in a line of other luggage-less travelers to speak to the airline’s customer service reps and you definitely know the inconvenience (if you’re still traveling) of making do without your razor, your pajamas, your blowdryer, etc.

Several companies are now offering solutions that can help travelers find peace of mind when it comes to suitcases gone AWOL. These systems for tracking luggage all feature small devices with Bluetooth and/or GPS technology and a smartphone app, but vary a bit in terms battery life, bonus features, and  pricing and subscription models. Some, like the PocketFinder Luggage Tracker (US $129.95) are designed for use in a variety of scenarios and require you the user to pay a monthly fee. Others, such as the Miami-based LugLoc (€69.99, or approximately US $87.00) are a little less expensive up-front and come with five free traces with the option to purchase more using the special app. This model allows travelers to pay only for what they use.

LugLoc is compliant with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to relevant Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, and it features a “Triaxial Accelerometer” which switches tracking device off when the aircraft gains lift, thus avoiding avionic interference. The company is also working towards offering a follow-up service that frees users from the chore of calling airline service departments and is collaborating with an upper-tier luggage maker to offer the world’s first “smart” suitcases.

Runway Girl Network caught up with LugLoc executive vice president Carlos Esnal during Future Travel Experience Global 2014 conference at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.



  1. I’ve suffered the lost baggage issue before and it definitely always seems to coincide with when the flight is very full and my carry-on bag has to be checked (I RARELY check bags). Nothing is worse than being stranded somewhere without a change of clothes because your bag is somewhere between Fort Worth and San Diego. One of the things I invested in once I saw it come out is a little physical a tag called Tile ( It uses bluetooth technology to send and update the location of whatever it’s connected to. So I keep one of these in my carry on so I can always know where my bag is or at least it’s last known location. Each tile costs $25 and allows me to use my iPhone to track it. Pretty cheap peace of mind in my opinion.

  2. Thanks Maryann for the interview!

    Dave, the difference is that Tile requires a Tile user to be near the luggage to know where it is. Until there’s a Tile user in every corner of he world, you won’t be able to know where your luggage is at all times.

    With LugLoc all you need is your phone or tablet to access the app and you can know where your luggage is, always.