A rendering of the Venture business class seat by Jamco. The seat is cream with grey thermoplastics.

Jamco works to make Venture seat available for A350 operators


Jamco Corporation is working to make its Venture reverse herringbone, full-flat, direct aisle access business class seat available for Airbus A350 operators.

The aircraft interiors supplier, integrator and seatmaker first revealed Venture in 2017, touting it as being “spatially, structurally and aesthetically aligned with the Boeing Sky Interior and designed specifically for the 787 Dreamliner”.

Now, three 787 operators are flying with Venture on their Dreamliners: KLM, Air Europa and JAL low-cost subsidiary Zipair Tokyo. And to date, supplemental type certificates (STCs) have been secured for the 787-8, -9, and -10 airframes.

But when asked by Runway Girl Network if Venture is being offered linefit as part of airframers’ catalogues, a Jamco spokeswoman revealed: “Venture is currently offerable for both linefit and retrofit for 787, 777, 737 airframes.”

“Venture development/coordination continues for A350,” she said.

A rendering of the Venture business class cabin by Jamco. The seat is cream with grey thermoplastics.

Venture seeks to maximize PaxEx while mitigating the overall cost of ownership with an easy to maintain, lightweight design. Image: Jamco

Jamco is not a stranger to the Airbus catalogue. In 2012, its Jamco America unit announced an agreement with Airbus to be an A350 Airbus Contracted Supplier (ACS) for premium seating products. It’s Journey business class seat, which does not offer direct aisle access for all occupants, is certified as an A350 catalogue seat and flying on LATAM.

Venture, on the other hand, meets the direct aisle access requirements of a large body of business class travellers. At roughly 85 kg per pax, the seat is billed as being “significantly lighter than traditional seats” with fewer parts, a single actuator, and no airbag. Ergo, the Japanese firm also touts Venture’s fuel-saving eco-credentials.


During the Covid crisis, Jamco unveiled Venture Pristine, a ‘branded clean’ update of the seat with antimicrobial materials incorporated throughout. The seatmaker leveraged the design of the seat — with its lack of cubbyholes, storage compartments and grime-attracting nooks and crannies — into functional benefits.

“There continues to be interest in Venture for a variety of reasons (operational efficiency, sustainability, ease of cleaning), so in general Jamco’s Venture Pristine efforts have helped make Venture an overall improved product,” said the firm’s spokeswoman.

But she noted: “The industry’s focus seems to be more on sustainability than other areas such as cleanliness.”

To that end, Jamco notes that the Venture seat is built to last and can be easily maintained for many years of service. “When eventually the product is ready to be retired from service, a significant portion of the product can be recycled as its materials are easy to disassemble and repurpose at end of life.”

Jamco's renderings for the Pristine business class seat is classic bright white with subtle blue LED lighting in each seat cubby.

Jamco’s renderings for the Pristine ‘branded clean’ Venture seat proved thought-provoking during the pandemic. Image: Jamco

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