The reception area for HIA's new sleep lounge, with green walls, shelves for merchandise, and friendly faces to greet guests

Airport Dimensions offers new sleep lounge at Hamad airport


A new sleep and private space concept will be available to passengers traveling through Hamad International (HIA) in Doha, now that Airport Dimensions is launching its first non-traditional lounge at Qatar’s five-star airport.

Located at the heart of HIA’s transit area and only a stone’s throw away from the airport’s iconic art piece, Lamp Bear, the 225 square meter lounge features a selection of sleep pods and cabins with accommodation for up to 50 guests.

Airport Dimensions, a global provider of premium shared-use lounges, recently acquired sleep lounge pioneer sleep ’n fly, which will provide the pods and cabins in the new space.

A total of 24 “FlexiSuite Pods” are available, offering a 180° flat-bed reclining seat in a soundproof space, dimmable ambient lighting, a reading light, and air conditioning.

The pods also feature a 32-inch screen to connect to the travelers’ devices, a folding tray table, cup holders, a small waste bin, baggage storage and compartments to store coats, shoes and laptop. Airport Dimensions calls them “a world first in sleeping pod design”.

A glimpse into one of the FlexiSuite Pods shows a brown leather chair, and pillow. Slippers are on the floor. The room has soft lighting, and wood accents

The Sleep Cabins, of which there are 13, are small but stylishly designed soundproof spaces featuring air conditioning; as well as main, ambient and reading lights; an alarm clock, a coat hanger, a mirror and tray table, says Airport Dimensions.

Four double-bed cabins are available, with an optional pull-out bed for a child of up to 115cm in height (maximum two adults and one child).

A double bed in one of the sleep cabins, with grey bedding and blue pillows. A pair of slippers are on the floor alongside a passenger bag.

Nine bunk bed cabins are also on offer. Complimentary branded merchandise including pillows and blankets will be available to visitors during their stay.

Airport Dimensions says all sleep pods and cabins are thoroughly disinfected after every guest check-out, and any public touch points such as reception counters and payment terminals are disinfected after each use.

A bunk bed in one of the sleep cabins, with grey bedding and a blue pillow. A bag sits on some shelves in the room


The sleep ’n fly lounge at HIA is open to walk-in and corporate guests, online pre-bookings, Priority Pass members and LoungeKey users. Visitors can pay by the hour to stay in one of the units.

“With its state-of-the-art facilities and five-star service, Hamad International is the perfect place to launch our new sleep and private space concept and, indeed, our first lounge concept in the Middle East,” says Airport Dimensions director Errol McGlothan in a statement.

“The sleep pods and cabins provide a convenient, premium and safe space for travelers looking to recharge during a long layover or enjoy a quick nap before an early morning flight. We’re looking forward to working with the airport to further enhance the travel experience for passengers.”

All images credited to Airport Dimensions

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