Press Release: digEcor engages product developments and key clients

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digEcor is pleased to announce key product updates and new customers for ENGAGE.

ENGAGE is a mobile solution that connects ground and cabin crew to business systems to enable personalised customer engagement and drive operational efficiency with electronic reporting and documents. ENGAGE has three modules: Cabin, Forms and Ground, that connect via the ENGAGE Ground server to selected airline systems.

ENGAGE Cabin enables electronic capture of passenger preferences, feedback and operational data into the cabin for easy guest recognition and service recovery. ENGAGE Forms enables users to gather and share data via electronic forms on their mobile devices. ENGAGE Ground is used by staff within the airport providing users with real time flight and passenger information at the lounge, check-in and gate and enables them to input passenger and operations data that is passed through to the cabin crew.

Product enhancements just released and available now include “Pre-Flight briefing functionality” offering the ability to upload files at the Administration Console and push to flights by criteria such as arrival airport, aircraft type or date as well as a “yet to board” passenger list. Additional roadmap functionality includes an iPhone version of the ENGAGE application, Crew Profile Updates including crew flight history, language abilities and other qualifications and Point-of-Sale functionality including Bluetooth integration with portable card reader POS terminal and record and reports on passenger purchases / stock usage.

New clients to the digEcor ENGAGE portfolio include Air Tahiti Nui and a yet to be announced EUMEA airline. ENGAGE was rolled out to 60 Air Tahiti Nui (ATN) users in October 2017. ATN are already benefiting from significant improvements in operational efficiency, particularly in regard to reporting. Cabin Crew Department Manager, Eric Delcuvellere, said “processing all the information brought by the core Flight Report used to be a question of days. It is now a question of hours and in some instances only minutes. Better still, sometimes literally even instantaneous!”


David Withers, Chief Executive of digEcor comments, “Our focus is always on how we enable airlines to provide the best and most memorable experiences for their passengers. ENGAGE genuinely delivers this in abundance offering the tools and knowledge to cabin crew to preempt the personal needs of every customer, every time.”

About digEcor

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