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#PaxEx Podcast: Hacker Claims and Inflight Games


Welcome to Episode 24 of the #PaxEx Podcast. Our guest for this episode is Dominic Green, executive VP, Americas at Inflight Dublin, which is a content service provider to airlines. Dominic recently joined Inflight Dublin from Thales, where he led development of content-related services for wireless IFE and connectivity solutions. He is also a member of the board of the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX).

PCA 200x400You’ve no doubt heard about the claims made in a FBI report that suggest security researcher Chris Roberts hacked an IFE system, gained access to engine controls and issued a climb command resulting in a sideways movement of the aircraft. While Boeing and IFE experts have hit back at these claims, the Roberts saga has ignited a much-needed conversation about aircraft system security. In this episode, we weigh the arguments being made by both sides, highlight the areas of vulnerability that regulators and industry insiders have lately focused their efforts on, and consider whether industry should offer bug bounties to white hat hackers to improve system security. We also address the very latest development – security specialists are calling on airlines to turn off IFE in the interest of public safety until their concerns are satisfied.

Next, we talk to Dominic about his firm’s decision to develop wireless and portable IFE solutions for airlines with open source hardware. He explains why the firm is focused on “packaging an experience” that includes different content, activities and services that can be supported by sponsorships and promotions, and why it’s important to offer passengers an experience in the air that is akin to what they can access on the ground.

Last but not least, we chat with Dominic about the upcoming Passenger Choice Awards, which celebrates those airlines that are making a true effort on the #PaxEx front. In advance of the awards, which will be distributed during a ceremony at the forthcoming APEX Expo, air travelers from around the world are invited to rate their recent inflight experiences. APEX hosts the awards every year. Dominic explains why it makes sense for passengers to exercise their voice and fill out this quick survey.