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#PaxEx Podcast: Booze Fueled Behavior and Inflight Flavor


Welcome to Episode 13 of the #PaxEx Podcast. Our guest for this episode is Nik Loukas, an airline consultant who specializes in buy-on-board food and beverage programs. He is author of the popular web site, Inflight Feed, and has become a go-to expert on the subject of onboard dining.

In this episode we discuss IATA’s latest findings about unruly passengers, and consider how alcohol plays a major role in many incidents. We address whether airport bartenders could be more proactive about not serving clearly intoxicated passengers pre-flight, and how crew are trained to try and diffuse air rage incidents when they do occur on board.

We also chat about United Airlines’ recent decision to back down from a controversial ban on booze for flight attendants, and Nik gives us his perspective about empowering crew. And we take a fresh look at the hazards that crew must grapple with in-flight, including onboard fires.

Last but not least, Nik shares his knowledge of foodie trends in-flight, and asks us to consider the challenges faced by airlines as they serve up meals to 300 passengers in conditions that are far from ideal. Is airplane food really *so* bad? Nik suggests we view inflight dining as its own form of entertainment, and he makes us look at those little packets of cheese in a whole new way!