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Content distributor Terry Steiner International enjoys renaissance


During the Covid crisis, many producers were unable to proceed with their filmmaking plans. At the same time, most airlines significantly curtailed their operations and ergo, their inflight entertainment spend. This one-two punch impacted an array of content stakeholders including Terry Steiner International, a leading distributor of blockbusters and independent movies, television, and digital programming in non-theatrical markets. But according to company president Terry Steiner, the firm is enjoying a sort of “renaissance” as aviation accelerates out of the pandemic.

Speaking to Runway Girl Network at the APEX/IFSA EXPO in Long Beach, Steiner shared that she hasn’t observed a significant difference in airline passengers’ viewing habits since the stay-at-home Covid period. “It’s really based on the quality of the content and the personalities of each airline, but maybe more TV is being bought than has been in the past, with people binging on series,” she said.

In order to provide a compelling mix of content for airlines and their content service providers (CSPs), Terry Steiner International draws on its long-standing relationships with MGM, AMC and a raft of other studios — relationships it started forging when it launched in 1993.

“We have such a wide variety of content and unlike any other company, we are a hybrid because we represent a lot of film companies, independent producers, TV companies, etc., rather than being one company, one studio,” explained Steiner.

Even so, the firm has become particularly well known for its access to eclectic titles including from indie filmmakers.


Given these partnerships, Terry Steiner International has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for its clients in aviation as well as in other non-theatrical markets, including maritime and the military.

“I would say you should think one-stop shopping,” when you think of Terry Steiner International, said Steiner. “We have something for everybody.” The company’s web site advertises the new films, short subjects and audio programs available for license.

The Policeman, Corsage, About Fate, Poker Face and All The Beauty And The Bloodshed are just a handful of films that will soon be on offer for inflight entertainment.

Going forward, Terry Steiner International plans to double-down on its unique value proposition as a hybrid distributor.

“My goals are to increase the kinds of product that we have and just continue to build the business within this [airline market] niche,” Steiner told RGN.

“I’m staying in it,” she said, “but just increasing our lineup and rebuilding” after the challenges created by Covid.

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