A display of items in Lufthansa's inflight shopping portal.

Press Release: Retail inMotion relaunches Lufthansa’s Inflight Shopping


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueRetail inMotion (RiM), one of the world’s leading providers of retail and technology solutions for airlines, is pleased to relaunch Lufthansa’s Inflight Shopping powered by WorldShop, which brings a wide selection of boutique products on all Lufthansa intercontinental flights. 

Starting September 12, Lufthansa passengers will be able to enjoy an exciting shopping experience on intercontinental flights thanks to a new product assortment developed by Retail inMotion in partnership with WorldShop as the airline retail brand, which includes travel essentials, bestsellers, and products from premium  brands.  

The product offer included in Lufthansa Inflight Shopping is clustered into themes: products that show you care, products for your journey, and exclusives from Germany such as the Lufthansa aviation tag and Creative-Tonie® Lufthansa Flight Attendant. The aviation tag is a limited one-off and collector’s piece from the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection with a free lost-and-found luggage service once the product has been registered. The Creative-Tonie® Lufthansa Flight Attendant Audio Toy offers 90 minutes of playback time for kids’ own audio adventures or music. 

Products for your journey include Lufthansa-branded kids’ socks from Falke, which comes with textile pens so that children can let their creative juices flow and get well entertained on board. For a premium audio experience, Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, is the perfect symbiosis of noise reduction, comfort, and great sound.  

The products that show you care selection includes the innovative Nuud vegan deodorant packed in a bioplastic tube made from sugar cane and ‘Stop The Water While Using Me!’ all-natural, waterless shampoo bar handmade in Germany, 100% vegan, and biodegradable. For more information about Inflight Shopping, check out the digital catalogue on the Lufthansa website. 

A display of items in Lufthansa's inflight shopping portal.

Johann-Philipp Bruns, Vice President Ancillary and Retail, Lufthansa Group: “With the further development of Inflight Shopping, we are creating a new experience on board by offering a new product world with a valuable assortment and innovative and convenient processes. We are excited to announce the relaunch of the new Inflight Shopping to inspire and delight our guests and crews on board.” 


José Lirio Silva, Head of Onboard Retail Europe & Managing Director, Retail inMotion GmbH: “This partnership confirms RiM’s high quality and premium standards as it allows us to offer a carefully selected assortment of  products, which includes travel essentials, exclusive brand products, and sustainable items. The relaunched Inflight  Shopping will offer passengers a great shopping experience.” 

About Retail inMotion 

Retail inMotion is an onboard retail and technology expert for the travel industry. Its culture of collaboration and innovation continues to help it  in steadily strengthening its position in the global onboard-retail industry. RiM offers proprietary products, solutions and services in technology,  crew engagement, product development, and fully outsourced onboard-retail services. 

Retail inMotion is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LSG Group.

All images credited to Lufthansa