The LSG Group Americas Leadership Team for RiM

Press Release: The LSG Group appoints new management team for RiM


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueThe LSG Group, a global leader in airline catering, on board retail and food commerce, has moved to devolve more responsibility to its regional and functional entities. As part of this wider strategic realignment, a standalone management team for RiM’s global operations is today established and tasked with steering the business into a new era. 

The new team will be empowered to focus more fully on its global activities, driving through a strategic reinvigoration of the business that will, among other measures, involve significant investment into IT enhancements. Through further strengthening its standalone capabilities, the move will align RiM more closely with its key markets, allowing it to better compete with digitally nimble competitors, develop new partnerships and enhance its growth prospects. 

John Moriarty will lead this team as its new CEO. John joins the company from Beyond, a travel and hospitality tech development and advisory service, where he is the founder and CEO. He previously served as Chief Retail Officer of gategroup, being responsible for the global retail division, and held various leadership positions with Runway Duty Free and Aer Rianta. 

John brings with him a wealth of experience in the travel and on-board retail business from across the world. He has a proven track record in developing and scaling up new business models in Tech-driven environments, creating unique retail experiences and driving operational excellence. 

“I am excited to join Retail inMotion and, together with a great team, to shape the company’s future as the leading onboard retailer”, John said in a first statement. 

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Later in the year, John will be joined by a CTO and a COO whose names will be communicated at a later stage. 

Incumbents Elizabeth Repolho da Silva (CFO), Laura Roesges (CCO), Marius Banholzer (CRO) and Trish Costelloe (CCSO) will remain part of RiM’s top management team to refocus the organization on developing a customer-centric culture that allows it to better deliver on its winning strategy. 

Along with all teams around the world, the team at RiM in Dublin will continue to be supported by the GCRI1 Board of Directors and AURELIUS Portfolio Advisory Managing Directors, René Herzog and Janno Gröne, ensuring success in the next stage of their growth trajectory. 

“We want to give Retail inMotion the power to control its own destiny,” said Erdmann Rauer, LSG Group CEO. “The management team, led by John Moriarty, will enable the  business to take decisions faster and operate more efficiently, reinvigorating its sense of purpose and allowing it to unlock new value-creation opportunities. By ensuring that Retail inMotion better serves the needs of its customers, suppliers and partners, I am confident that today marks the start of a bright future for the business.” 

Following the enhanced focus and devolution of regional responsibilities, this brings Karin Sonnenmoser’s interim Global CFO responsibilities at the LSG Group to its natural conclusion; she will therefore step down from her current role. AURELIUS is grateful for the contribution she made during her tenure. 

Erdmann Rauer is also stepping back from his current role as Group CEO and has agreed to remain with the business as Senior Strategic Advisor, supporting the business through the transition to a new organizational structure. 


“We extend a warm welcome to all new senior arrivals and wish them much success in their new roles. At the same time, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who is departing Retail in Motion before it embarks on its new endeavor. Each one of them in their own right have served this company very well and will be missed,” said Gert Purkert, Founding Partner of AURELIUS. “Of course, our special thanks goes to Erdmann Rauer, the long-serving Global CEO, without whom the LSG Group would not be what it is today. We wish all of them only the best for their personal and professional futures, and we are glad Erdmann will continue to support us as Senior Strategic Advisor.” 

1 Global Airline Catering & Retail Invest Limited is the holding company of the LSG Group. 

About Retail inMotion and the LSG Group 

Retail inMotion (RiM) is an industry trailblazer, spear heading innovative onboard-retail strategies and powered by cutting-edge technology solutions. Grounded in a culture of partnership and forward thinking, Retail inMotion continuously raises the bar, enhancing the travel experience for discerning customers’ guests.  

Retail inMotion is an independent brand of the LSG Group, which is a global leader in airline catering, onboard retail and related markets that continues to shape the industry landscape with its comprehensive customer-centric end-to-end solutions. 

Behind these impressive figures are real people whose passion, creativity and tireless efforts drive Retail inMotion’s success story. As the company continues to innovate and lead in the onboard retail industry, it is essential to recognize and celebrate the individuals who make it all possible. 

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