Press Release: DFI offers “Fly-Safe” kit for airports to give to passengers

Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueSustainable retail specialists Duty Free Innovation (DFI) has brought to market a Fly-Safe kit aimed at airport operators to help their passengers comply with new safety measures.

Although detailed plans for the return of regular air travel and the opening of airports have yet to be set out, what is certain is that until a workable vaccine can be implemented globally, strict measures on social distancing and sanitisation will be the new normal.

With talk of temperature checks, empty middle seats on planes and contact-tracing apps already widespread, recent news that several countries have made the wearing of face masks compulsory on public transport is a clear indicator of what’s to come for all airports and airlines.

To help support these new safeguarding measures and to help give passengers the reassurance they are being cared for, DFI have created a Fly-Safe kit for airports and operators to give to passengers. The kit compromises a Type 1 medical face mask, 3 pairs of disposable gloves, a pack of three sanitising wipes and a information card on safe travel guidance.

According to DFI, the concept is to give every passenger one of the Fly-Safe kits to protect them minimises their risk of contamination.

DFI spokesperson Simon Best says “This will also provide the airports with a practical and affordable way of ensuring that all passengers and staff in the airport environment have a compliant and effective face covering.  We see this as being an important step in airports demonstrating that they are meeting safety framework requirements set by authorities”.


He continues, ‘The Fly-Safe kit is designed minimise the risk of infection and give travellers comfort and confidence to move around the airport freely without unnecessary risk to other passengers and airport staff’.

DFI state the kit, which already has interest from some key airport locations, will help airports when they start operating again in these difficult times.

‘They will have a duty of care to their passengers, and these kits will help to give vital reassurance that everything is being done to care for their safety and will allow them to use the airport, shops and F&B outlets as normally as possible. This will both reduce levels of anxiety and risk of contamination’.

About DFI:

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