In Conversation: Qantas’ Project Sunrise with Jordan Chong

in conversation use this oneAustralian aviation journalist Jordan Chong joins RGN deputy editor John Walton to get to the bottom of Project Sunrise, Qantas’ plan to fly nonstop to London and New York from Australia’s east coast.

What is Project Sunrise? What are these “research flights” Qantas has been doing all about? How do the two aircraft being put up by Airbus and Boeing for Project Sunrise stack up, and is Qantas happy with the offerings?

How does Qantas’ perspective as an airline at the “end of the line” inform its decisionmaking? How will Project Sunrise fit in with Qantas’ “longhaul U” strategy of using its Dreamliners for optimal efficiency to Europe, domestically and the US? How will Air New Zealand’s choice to move its flagship flights from London to New York affect the demand for Project Sunrise? And what might the passenger experience on board look like — does Qantas need a new business class seat for the world’s longest flight?

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