Press Release: Award-winning Recaro seats headed to Volaris

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Volaris is equipping 23 Airbus A320 and A321neo aircraft with SL3510 short-haul economy class seats from Recaro Aircraft Seating. In total, over 4,000 Recaro seats will be installed. The first delivery will take place at the end of 2019.

“Volaris selected this outstanding seat because it provides superior quality, comfort and design while minimizing weight and maintenance concerns,” says Volaris Vice President Holger Blankenstein. “By selecting Recaro, we now have the ability to offer our customers comfort and convenience while also flying one of the lightest seats on the market. We look forward to an exciting collaboration with Recaro.”

Volaris is headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, and first began operations in 2006 with an inaugural flight from Toluca to Tijuana. Today, Volaris is the first domestic carrier in Mexico, flying more than 197 routes, including 124 within Mexico and 73 international. They offer 384 daily flights on routes connecting cities in Mexico, Central America and the United States.

“We have a strong growth strategy that includes launching new routes to Albuquerque and Charlotte,” Blankenstein says. “Partnering with a global leader in aircraft seat manufacturing with a hub in the United States plays a big part of this strategy.”

The seat’s weight-optimized concept was honored with the Crystal Cabin Award in the Industrial Design/Interior Concept category. At only nine kilograms, the SL3510 is around 40% lighter than conventional aircraft seats, making it one of the lightest economy class seats on the market.

A lightweight seat will help Volaris minimize fuel costs and is a big step to further reduce their environmental impact. Since 2013, Volaris has received aircraft with the latest eco-efficient technology. One of these technologies is incorporating the A320/A321 NEO fleet, equipped with aerodynamic Sharklets at the ends of its wings and new engines which effectively reduces CO2 emissions by about 1,000 tons annually.

“With a reduction of components and a weight-optimized seating product, Volaris will successfully save on fuel and maintenance costs,” says Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating. “Our vision is to go above and beyond to create the best travel experience.”

Photo: Enrique Beltranena, CEO Volaris, with his sales team and Olaf Kahlert, Regional Sales Director at Recaro Aircraft seating.


About Recaro Aircraft Seating

Recaro Aircraft Seating sees itself as a solution provider for its customers. As a global supplier of premium aircraft seats for airlines and OEMs, the company reported a growth averaging 10% over the past 15 years. Recaro employs over 2600 people worldwide and neared €600 million in sales in 2018. It is the global market leader in the economy class seating. To secure its strategic expansion, Recaro is investing hundreds of millions in product innovation in business class seating. Over the next 5 years, it will also invest in significantly expanding its headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall as well as its sites in China, Poland and the USA. With this, Recaro consistently underpins its corporate vision of “Driving comfort in the sky”.

The aim: become market leader in economy and business class seating while maintaining a permanent customer focus.

About Recaro Group

The Recaro Group comprises the independently operating divisions Recaro Aircraft Seating in Schwaebisch Hall and Recaro eGaming in Stuttgart as well as the Recaro Holding located in Stuttgart. The Group’s consolidated sales amounted to 600 million euros in 2018. Currently the Group employs more than 2,700 employees at its locations around the world. The automotive seating business as well as the child seat and stroller business are operated by licensees.