In Conversation: Europe update with Gesche Wüpper

in conversation use this oneIt’s a busy 2019 already for European aviation, with airlines disappearing, drones appearing and Brexit looming. Aviation journalist Gesche Wüpper is in conversation with RGN deputy editor John Walton to analyse the very latest news and consider the consequences.

What are the implications of Virgin Atlantic’s purchase of Flybe? Will it work where previous efforts have failed? Why is Air France ending the Joon experiment, and what does it mean for new Air France-KLM head honcho Benjamin Smith? Are there too many brands within Air France-KLM still?

Across the channel, what can the Gatwick and Heathrow drone situations teach other airports? And with time ticking down to Brexit, what’s the latest around the UK’s exit from the EU — for airlines, manufacturers including Airbus, and indeed the human passenger experience consequences for travellers?