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#PaxEx Podcast: Why the 777X will be the world’s most modern airliner


Welcome to episode 63 of the #PaxEx Podcast, which tracks how the airline passenger experience is evolving in a mobile, social, vocal world.

In this episode – available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts – co-hosts Max Flight and Mary Kirby discuss Boeing’s recent assembly milestone for the new 777X, which boasts unique folding wingtips. They also consider why the airframer is positioning the 777X as offering a redefined “total passenger experience”. And Mary explains how suppliers are working to deliver a new generation of seats and IFE, as well as the most advanced cockpit communications of any commercial airliner in the world.

Next, Saudi Arabian low-cost carrier flyadeal recently conceptualized a marketing stunt whereby the carrier claimed that passengers could fly for less by traveling in its cargo compartments. It shared videos, pictures and graphics on social media, and even created serious interviews and mock customer interviews. Ultimately, flyadeal revealed the truth, that passengers would not fly in cargo, as flyadeal guarantees the lowest fares in its cabins. At a time when there is a narrative around “fake news”, Max and Mary consider whether flyadeal’s campaign is on the money or off the mark, and share some interesting stats about why Saudi Arabia is ripe for disruptive marketing.

Lastly, POPEYES is having what appears to be some lighthearted fun at the fact that passengers have been pushing the envelope with the types of animals they bring on board for emotional support – from peacocks to flying squirrels. The fast food chain has launched an “Emotional Support Chicken” meal for travelers passing through Philadelphia International Airport. Is this campaign insensitive to passengers who need emotional support animals or is it simply a genius marketing campaign? Mary and Max consider both sides.