Press Release: Astronics PGA introduces new Smart Wireless Handset

SmartSky - Finally WifI that Wows

Astronics Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary Astronics PGA, will showcase its new Smart Wireless Handset for VIP In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity systems (IFEC) at EBACE 2018, the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. EBACE 2018 will run from May 29 through May 31 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Smart Wireless Handset is an all-in-one phone and passenger control unit for IFE, lighting, seat control, flight information and more. This handset is the first certified product available that combines cabin control and phone functions in a single wireless Device.

The Smart Wireless Handset makes it easy to send and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Users can embed contacts and use the onboard wireless system for voice and video calling as well as general internet access anywhere in the cabin. When docked, the smart handset notifies users of incoming calls, text messages or other notifications with an illuminated color transition.

With this state-of-the-art handset, the VIP passenger can also manage their cabin devices and entertainment system, and access infotainment, such as remaining flight time and weather at the destination. The included docking station powers the handset using wireless Qi technology for cablefree Convenience.


Aesthetically, the sleek and elegant design features the luxurious finishing of today’s most advanced smartphones. Customers can select from a myriad of options for a custom-tailored experience that can include leather, carbon, jeweled and wood finishes.

The Smart Wireless Handset is part of the Astronics PGA Carat® Senses System. For additional information on the system and other Astronics PGA solutions, visit


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