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#PaxEx Podcast: AirFi CCO talks fast deployment of portable wifi


Welcome to Episode  55 of the #PaxEx podcast. Our guest is long-time industry executive Martin Cunnison, who now serves as CCO of AirFi, a fast-growing provider of portable inflight wireless entertainment.

First, some airlines are trialling virtual reality headsets as inflight entertainment, notably for premium customers. Co-hosts Max Flight and Mary Kirby query Martin about whether to expect mass rollout of VR as IFE or if the technology will remain a niche offering for airline promotions and VIPs.

Next, AirFi has been making waves in the airline industry, with the firm recently announcing yet another round of airline contracts. As CCO of AirFi, Martin is playing a strategic role in the firm’s growth. He explains what the AirFi solution entails, and why it is proving to be such an attractive offering to the low-cost carrier crowd. He says AirFi boxes have a remarkable safety record.

Last but not least, Air Asia X has introduced kids-free quiet zones in the forward section of its economy class cabins, and travelers seem to be divided on whether this is a good idea or not. As parents, Martin, Max and Mary share their thoughts on whether airlines should offer kid-free zones. Mary sees an opportunity to ‘flip the script’ on the narrative.