In Conversation: Regional ramifications of the ITC for airframers

in conversation use this oneRecorded the day before the International Trade Commission’s surprise ruling in favour of Bombardier in Boeing’s case against the Canadian airframer’s C Series, CNN aviation editor Jon Ostrower joins RGN deputy editor John Walton to discuss the latest in this ongoing saga.

Who are the key players, and what’s their interest in the game? What was Boeing’s argument to trade adjudicators about the C Series? Did it measure up to industry scrutiny? Do airlines really consider the C Series, the Boeing 737 MAX 7, and the Airbus A319neo in the same fleet conversation? How did Boeing’s move push Airbus and Bombardier closer together, leaving Boeing with the almost inevitable conclusion to continue working closely with Embraer? And what’s next for this market segment at a time of monumental change?