Press Release: LIFT announces first ‘Tourist Class Seating’ delivery


LIFT by EnCore, a commercial aircraft seating manufacturer, announced today that its first 737 Tourist Class Seating recently entered into service after LOT Polish Airlines, Poland’s flag carrier and one of Europe’s fastest growing airlines, received its first Boeing 737 MAX, the first of six leased to LOT by Air Lease Corporation. This important milestone marks LIFT’s first product delivery.

Tourist Class Seating is a result of a close collaboration between LIFT and Boeing, first announced in April 2016, to develop seats that are ergonomically optimized and designed for the Boeing Sky Interior, as well as for maintainability and reliability. LIFT’s 737 Tourist Class Seating is the widest 737 economy class seat on the market.

Since then, 737 Tourist Class Seating has been designed, engineered, certified, and successfully received regulatory certification.  Last month, Boeing received the seats on-time and ready for installation onto LOT’s first 737 MAX.


“LOT, as one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe, is proudly the first legacy European airline to fly brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 and at the same time the first one to offer this exceptional travel experience with new LIFT by EnCore seats onboard. Our passengers already appreciate the unique level of their comfort. Seats manufactured by LIFT perfectly suits to our strategy of being perceived as the most modern, comfortable and hospitable airline at the European sky” – says Rafał Milczarski, CEO of LOT Polish Airlines.

“This is an important milestone for LIFT, as it marks our first delivery of 737 Tourist Class Seating,” says LIFT by EnCore’s CEO, Tom McFarland. “EnCore has consistently built a reputation of reliability and dependability, showing our dedication to follow through on all promises – LIFT is continuing this tradition.”

About LIFT by EnCore

LIFT is part of the EnCore group based in Huntington Beach, CA. Founded in 2011 by Jim Downey and Tom McFarland, the EnCore group of companies serves the commercial aerospace and defense sectors with a range of products including seats, floor-to-floor interiors, galleys, monuments, and composite aircraft structures.