Press Release: Media inMotion redefines strategic direction

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We are pleased to announce that Media inMotion, a subsidiary brand of Retail inMotion, has redefined and refocused its market offering. The digital media / retail specialists will now shift their focus from holistic inflight entertainment solutions, including hardware and software, to specialize in software that equips airlines to fully integrate inflight entertainment systems with onboard retail programs.

The company will offer its solutions to customers within the framework of five individual software modules which focus on enabling onboard retail. The software, which includes modules like vOrder (order-to-seat functionality that fully integrates with Retail inMotion’s technology suite) and vThird (incorporation of third party venders into existing IFE platforms), will allow current IFE providers and airlines to further monetize the inflight experience and provide choice to customers.

“We strongly believe that this new approach for Media inMotion is the direction that we need to take as a company,” commented Stefan Patermann, CEO Retail inMotion. “Retail inMotion is an expert in inflight technology and the solutions that Media inMotion provides are crucial in ensuring that we can offer our customers a product that maximizes the potential of onboard retail at all customer touchpoints. By integrating their software solutions within inflight entertainment platforms, Media inMotion will help airlines streamline their retail processes and drive ancillary revenue on board.”


All Media inMotion software is integrated within Retail inMotion’s propriety onboard retail management suite, Vector. Media inMotion’s software solutions are fully compatible with airlines’ existing inflight entertainment platforms. The company is already working with several hardware specialists in the inflight entertainment segment to develop software interfaces that are completely equipped for an onboard retail environment.

Existing Media inMotion contracts will remain within their existing framework.

Retail inMotion, based in Ireland, became a fully integrated member of the LSG Group in 2016. The company’s culture of collaboration and innovation continues to help it to steadily strengthen its position in the global onboard retail industry. Retail inMotion offers propriety products, solutions and services in onboard retail IT technology, crew training, product distribution, inflight entertainment, and fully outsourced onboard retail services.