Press Release: AIM and Thompson Aero Seating collaborate at Toulouse

AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating have collaborated for the first time as AVIC companies to create stunning integrated front-row furniture and seating for the Airbus full-scale mock-up centre in Toulouse.

The two companies were honoured to be invited by Airbus to design, manufacture and install bespoke furniture and full-flat Business Class seats for the A330neo Airspace cabin, housed in Toulouse. Although AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating have worked closely together in the past, this is the first time they have collaborated since Thompson Aero Seating joined AIM Altitude as one of AVIC’s aircraft-interiors companies, having been acquired in December last year.

Ryan Braggins, Designer at AIM Altitude, said: “This project allowed us to further develop a design solution that adds aesthetic as well as functional qualities to our front-row furniture – resulting in a more seamless cabin design.”

The sleek furniture designed by AIM Altitude demonstrates how airlines can promote differentiation and brand identity with decorative elements that incorporate functional features. In the A330neo Airspace cabin, AIM Altitude has integrated aisle stowage and literature display areas into the front-row furniture to complement the highly regarded and popular Thompson Vantage XL seats, which have been integrated with a variety of IFE systems and feature a bespoke trim and finish defined by Airbus.


This joint project promotes a harmony of design and assimilation between the sister companies and demonstrates the ability to deliver a complete package of works for airline customers.

The Airbus full-scale mock-up centre in Blagnac, Toulouse, hosts visitors from major airlines on a daily basis, making this a great opportunity for both AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating to showcase their design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

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Image at top courtesy of Airbus