Why SriLankan has the best economy class you (probably) aren’t flying

Consider, for a moment, the area often defined on airline route maps as “Indian Subcontinent/Indian Ocean”. The airlines based in the region aren’t exactly known for their service, or their seats, or their food, or their entertainment, or their reliability…so you could say that a little effort goes a long way. One carrier actually putting in such an effort is SriLankan Airlines, with details that position its economy class among the world’s best. Hear me out.

Having only fully joined the Oneworld Alliance in early 2014 (and as the first carrier from the Indian Subcontinent to join an alliance), SriLankan still feels like a relatively new option for travelers flying into or through the region. Their partnership and codeshare game is strong, and travelers might not realize there’s a SriLankan segment in their itinerary until they’re on board and happily sipping a cup of Ceylon tea. That’s not such a bad thing, as there are very good things in store for economy passengers on SriLankan.

Good: A reliably comfortable seat with footrest

The economy seats are similar to those seen on Singapore Airlines and still have some cushion to their backs, supplemented by complimentary pillows and blankets on the airline’s longer routes. It’s after sitting down and getting settled that the bonus feature is discovered: flip-up footrests! These are becoming rarer and rarer, even on airlines flying some of the world’s lengthiest routes, but the simple pedal-style rests do make all the difference in comfort for passengers who have already had a long travel day.

The economy cabin inside a SriLankan A330-300 (note the footrests). Image: Cynthia Drescher

Business isn’t such an easy sell, as the cabins vary. SriLankan has an all-Airbus fleet, and it’s their A330-300 that’s the most desirable. Outfitted with their newest business class, introduced in October 2014 along with the receipt of the first of the type from Airbus, the seat is reverse herringbone 1-2-1 configuration and a real delight for travelers used to flying the older, less private products of other airlines based in the region.

Good: Modern inflight entertainment system (and Wi-Fi!)

Although all of SriLankan’s widebody aircraft feature personal video-on-demand, scoring one of SriLankan’s A330-300s means being entertained by Thales Avant IFE. This Android-based system has HD, capacitive screens chock full of international content, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Chinese features, and even a channel dedicated to showing only music videos by Sri Lankan artists. The airline is also the first in South Asia with inflight Wi-Fi, offering OnAir connectivity on their A333s.

Good: Attention to detail and culture

This traveler has only ever experienced gracious, genuinely pleasant service from the cabin crew on SriLankan, but even if the service is lousy the curries will be good. Even in economy, the cabin crew attempts to help passengers celebrate a special occasion, such as with birthday cakes and mini bottles of sparkling wine.

Printed menus, even in economy class. Image: Cynthia Drescher

Every SriLankan flight also imparts on the passengers tiny tastes of the airline’s home. The peacock-print, turquoise Kandyan sari worn by female flight attendants is visually interesting and, if you can break your focus on coveting the beautiful cloth, you’ll notice that the cabin crew greets embarking passengers with the Sinhalese “Ayubowan” greeting and joined hands held near the sternum, a gesture of respect.

Don’t snooze through the tea service, either; true Ceylon tea is frequently served in all classes, though business class does get a few more tea choices and a mock silver service presentation including the entire teapot and tools on its own tray.

An economy class meal on SriLankan. Image: Cynthia Drescher

Good: Great value for Oneworld Alliance flyers

Oneworld frequent flyers will find SriLankan a good value. For example, on American’s earn chart, even the cheapest SriLankan economy fare still nets 25 percent base miles and 0.50 elite qualifying miles. To contrast, booking the cheapest economy seat on Cathay Pacific right now earns an AAdvantage member absolutely zero across the board. For those booking award tickets, Sri Lanka sits in “Indian Subcontinent” on the American Airlines chart, which is a 40,000-AAdvantage mile one-way trip in economy from the United States. As far as mileage awards go, that’s actually quite a good value to travel the 9,000 miles to this island on the other side of the world (and enjoying American partner airlines like Etihad or Qatar Airways before you get to the SriLankan segment).

If you’re already in the region, the best value on SriLankan routes comes from using Avios, the award mile currency of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, and more. This journalist speaks from experience, having exchanged 12,500 Avios and $35 in lieu of paying $600 for a one-way from Hong Kong to Colombo and 4,500 Avios and $35 for a one-hour, one-way flight from Male, Maldives to Colombo, pricing at $350 (though this popular route can be as low as $120 during off-peak times).

All of these points mark well for the airline, but there are some issues that stifle their growth or otherwise cause passengers to book away to competitors. These are a few:

Bad: Restrictively small hub

Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) is a single-runway operation, which is already not ideal for an airline’s hub. On top of it all, this one runway naturally requires maintenance, and major repairs, which caused the runway to be shut down for most of the daylight hours over the last several months. This pushed major international departures to inconvenient hours, some as late/early as 3 or 4 a.m., and delivered tired travelers to stressed facilities in the night. This also put a premium on morning departures from Colombo, those flights that left between the crack of dawn and 8 a.m., before the airport shut for the day, or it meant transferring passengers would have to apply for the (free) transit visa and clear immigration to spend 12 hours wandering around until they could re-enter for the evening departures.

Fortunately there is a new passenger terminal and fresh infrastructure under construction, but for now the nearly 9 million passengers BIA serves each year face long waits, overcrowded seating areas, and a dearth of options for entertainment or refreshment. It says something when you’re more comfortable on the plane than you were in the airport.

Bad: Disappointing business class

While the economy cabin is a comfortable ride no matter the aircraft with SriLankan, business class is another matter. Unless you’re flying on one their seven Airbus A330-300s with the newest, 1-2-1 reverse herringbone, seats as previously mentioned, it’s a sad experience of old, 2-2-2 configuration angle-flat or fully flat seats with no at-hand personal storage. The amenity kits are also a letdown, being unexciting Crabtree & Evelyn products when Sri Lanka is a center for Ayurvedic therapy; an inspired choice would be to partner with the luxury Spa Ceylon brand, headquartered in Colombo, for body care products.

A business class meal on SriLankan. Image: Cynthia Drescher

Bad: Limited route network

For as good of a regional network as SriLankan has, their long-haul routes are lacking. London-Heathrow is their premiere route, and the only one stretching west from Sri Lanka beyond the Middle East. Looking east, SriLankan flies to Tokyo and Beijing, but relies on connections to partner airlines in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur for service to Australia and other points in Southeast Asia. The airline boasts “over 100 destinations in 47 countries,” but undoubtedly their strength is solidly regional, with the vast bulk of their routes operating from Sri Lanka to India and the Middle East.

On the other hand, SriLankan offers a few intriguing routes that make exotic itineraries easy. From December 2016, the carrier became the first international airline to serve Gan Airport (GAN), in the south of the Maldives. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, whose Villingili Resort is one of the most distant from Male International Airport and a mandatory, pricey seaplane transfer, now becomes easily accessible by speedboat from Gan’s airport. The hotel chain saw the value and quickly introduced a “safari by land and sea” package linking their Sri Lanka and Maldives properties via the new air route. Anantara Hotels and Resorts arranges similar between their Sri Lanka and Maldives properties (via SriLankan’s flights to MLE) and, for those truly desiring sun, sand, and sea, Four Seasons Resorts can make a trip encompassing both the Seychelles and the Maldives a reality.

This meal was served on the one-hour hop from CMB to MLE. Image: Cynthia Drescher

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  1. Jamie

    Seems to have gotten east and west mixed up from Sri Lanka? Last time I checked LHR is West from CMB not east. If I’m wrong I’ve got quite a few flights to rebook….
    Surprised to see how awesome SriLankan looks though. Gonna have to give it a go.

  2. Huzaifa

    Just realised how important the in-flight entertainment system is, I didn’t think airlines came without it, until I traveled on Oman Air.

    CMB-Muscat is 4 hours and Muscat-Nairobi 5 hours, traveling without in-flight entertainment was a nightmare.

  3. L Dr Silva

    Oman Air stinks! Will never fly.!! Apart from the lack of in-flight entertainment, one flight had no AC working for 4 1/2 hours!! The next flight had something else wrong with the cabin air that made it hard to breathe!

  4. Chathuri Jayaratne

    I’m a frequent traveler on dubai Colombo sector. I mostly travel emirates as the timings are convienient. But have traveled on srilankan economy class as well. Srilankan is on top of their game when it comes to inflight. Their economy class is way better than emirates business class. And cabin crew are so nice, they actually care for passenger comfort.

    • Hiran Alles

      How far is Dubai from Colombo (time wise)? When you fly with SriLankan, how is it compared to Emirates. My family and I have been flying with SriLankan since 1980s and still fly with Sri Lankan. We have the FlySmiles. Does SriLankan Airlines have the best customer service, passenger comfort, economy class better than Emirates?

      Who do you prefer (Emirates or SriLankan)? Have you flew to other cities on SriLankan and if so, what cities and how was your experience?

  5. Ajantha

    Travelled in many Airlines in Asian, European and Pacific, but Sri Lankan Airlines food is the best!

  6. Thurya

    A well balanced review. The hard product may vary by aircraft model with brand new 333 being the best among the lot. There are three older A320/1 aircraft without PTV but hopefully, these too will be retired after the arrival of ‘neo’s. Catering is always the main event in their service and it can hardly go wrong.

  7. Nick Tillekeratne

    Good to read this review, we now always fly SriLankan nonstop London Heathrow to Colombo on both Business & Economy. Having recently flown American & British Airways I would say SriLankan right on top of the list!

  8. Nana

    Sri Lankan infact reflects People of Sri Lanka when it comes to Inflight Service & Foods, hardly matched by any other Airline, But the hard work is destroyed by Local Politicians (Who are deeply corrupt), some drunkards. Sri Lankan could have become a bigger airline than Singapore Air (Top Ten) if not for these Politicians who have over the years deatroyed this beautiful Country.

  9. Nimal Ramanayake

    Every year I am flying two to three times to Colombo from Melbourne. Since Sri Lankan started to fly direct to Colombo from Melbourne I had my first flight ( UL 605) on the 16th November and returned on the 5th Dec ( UL 604)
    If someone is performing an excellent job ,we have to appreciate without any doubt. Sri Lankan flying on this route is doing a fabulous job. From the time we got on board they welcomed the passengers well. In flight service was excellent. Cabin crew take extra care of you with a smile. Menu cards were given to the passengers which other airlines don’t. Menu card shows you three choices and the food is delicious. I don’t hesitate to make this comment because I am a Chef by profession. It wa a nine hour twenty minute flight and very comfortable even though we were on economy.
    I urge Sri Lankan airlines to keep up the good work and I will make it a point to fly on Sri Lankan everytime possible.
    Good Luck


    The airfare is quite expensive especially long haul to London. Travel between Colombo to Kuala Lumpur last year 2017. Service is good infact very accomodating.

  11. Hiran Alles

    SriLankan Airlines is the best airline in my opinion and my parents opinion. Excellent aircrafts, food, entertainment, customer service and stewardess, and more. Will recommend SriLankan to my friends and fly with SriLankan!

  12. NationalPride

    An eye opener to local Sri Lankan infrequent flyers who refuse to fly their own national carrier direct to a destination. Listen to a seasoned traveler, and be proud.

  13. Vaidy

    I flew to BLR via CMB from MEL on a quick family trip. I am not sure if I was travelling on a different planet? The planes on all 4 segments were horrendously dated – with torn seats, head rests that just won’t stay up – they constantly fell on my shoulders giving me a neck pain beyond imagination – as luck would have it, I had a similar problem whilst returning as well! I asked for a change of seat and I was put on a seat that also had a loose head rest!

    MEL – CMB: A lady next to me asked if I could swap seats with her sister. I agreed and moved to the other side of the plane. A young fellow, smiled at me and moved to the seat vacated by the other lady and I was stuck with smiles all around and a sore neck!

    CMB – MEL: Again I got a poor seat with the head rest loose. I asked for a change and was given a change. Lo! and behold that seat also was not working properly!

    However, I cannot fault their service – absolutely A Class! Genuine, friendly, relaxed service style. Food was great too!

    I just couldn’t fathom how I can be so unlucky so many times in a return round trip!

  14. Alexandra

    I recently traveled with them (April 2018 flight from Doha to Bangkok via Colombo). This was the worst flight I’ve ever taken. The plane itself smelled like stale urine. As customers were (understandably) complaining about the smell, the cabin crew went around spraying chemicals and air fresheners to mask the odor. It was unbearable.

    In addition to the odor: the flight was late and 34 people missed their connection to Bangkok. Families with small children had to wait in the Colombo airport for 8 hours, just to board a plane to Singapore, to then get to Bangkok. No hotel vouchers were given. People lost days of their vacations. As a single traveler, I was lucky and was able to board a plane at 8am (so I only had to wait 6 hours). Unfortunately, I missed my connecting flight to Chiang Mai. No reimbursement, or course. All they would offer were breakfast vouchers. The breakfast was disgusting.

  15. Khalid Mohammed

    I read review much of passenger prefer SriLanka Airlines they had lot of experience in different Airlines.
    And also I traveled many countries Airlines maximum good experience but I have plan to travel from SriLanka Airlines from Dxb to Hyd, I will prefer this Airlines depend read all review.
    Khalid Mohammed