#PaxEx TV: Biometrics at the airport and travel in Trump’s America


All eyes are on America these days, as newly inaugurated President Donald Trump tries to flex his political muscle by imposing a travel ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim nations which many feel is unconstitutional and fear will have a negative impact on travel and the economy.

In this episode of #PaxEx TV, we look at the ongoing political and legal skirmish over the ban, which was blocked last week by a federal appeals court. But we also highlight how innovators in the travel industry are working to improve border security and shorten airport wait times with technology instead.

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  1. Atul Jain

    As usual a wonderful paxex minute episode. But I’m a bit puzzled to note that RGN didn’t mention that the longest commercial flight in the industry is in a tie with Air India’s Delhi to San Francisco service. If not the longest it’s definitely the 2nd longest as opposed to Emirates as mentioned in the episode’s end.
    But then again maybe I’m missing something ??