moon bases, jetpacks, airships

#PaxEx TV: Get your avgeek on with moon bases, jetpacks, airships


We decided to start 2016 with a look at some weird and wonderful aerospace innovations taking place outside of the airline environment. Jetpacks, moon bases, hydrogen fuel cell-powered range extenders for drones, and a massive airship (as well as a futuristic luxury seat concept) are all waiting for you in this episode of #PaxEx TV.

Our top story this week is the European Space Agency’s keen interest in lunar exploration, followed by the stunning accomplishments of former commercial airline pilot Yves Rossy and his famous flying jetpacks. Then we chat with a company called Hybrid Air Vehicles, which is building a 300 meter airship in the UK, take a look at Panasonic’s Waterfront seat concept unveiled at CES, and much more.

As passengers increasingly expect inflight experiences to mimic experiences in their daily lives, keeping tabs on emerging technologies and adjacent industries will become increasingly critical for players in the #PaxEx world.

We hope this episode of #PaxEx TV stokes your imagination – this stuff is just ‘plane’ cool!