Press Release: Honeywell powers high-speed wifi for Singapore Airlines passengers

Singapore Airlines passengers soon will have access to unprecedented high-speed internet connectivity and bandwidth, thanks to Honeywell’s industry-leading JetWave satellite communications hardware.

“Singapore Airlines is known for its world-class service and sees the value of high-speed Wi-Fi to keep its passengers connected, even on transoceanic flights,” said Brian Davis, Vice President, Airlines, Asia Pacific.

“As consumer electronic devices continue to consume frequency bandwidth, more and more demand will be placed on high speed satellite connectivity and infrastructure. Honeywell’s JetWave hardware and Inmarsat Aviation’s Global Xpress network will support this growth trajectory by enabling more and more flexibility for passengers, and most importantly not have the frequent in-flight disruptions that consumers experience on other available systems.”

Honeywell’s JetWave hardware on Singapore Airlines aircraft will connect to Inmarsat Aviation’s Global Xpress (GX) network. The system will give passengers an in-flight experience that is close to the capability they have in their home or office. GX is the only global Ka-band network designed to meet the specific requirements of mobile assets, including airplanes.

The GX Aviation system will be provided through SITA OnAir. Installation of the first system is scheduled for the second half of 2016 on Singapore Airlines’ B777-300ER aircraft, followed by its A380-800s and A350-900s.

Other airlines that have also selected JetWave and GX Aviation to bring the next generation of high-speed in-flight connectivity to their passengers include Vietnam Airlines and Lufthansa. Honeywell also signed a memorandum of understanding with Air China last year to begin testing GX Aviation on the airline’s A330 aircraft.

With applications for passenger airplanes and business jets, GX Aviation is the first truly global high-speed in-flight connectivity service that will provide aircraft with data rates of up to 50Mbps. Using GX Aviation, passengers will be able to do everything from real-time social media updates and emails to live-streaming TV, all while in flight and from virtually anywhere in the world, over both land and sea.