#PaxEx TV Episode 1 – Hackers, Caterers and a word to Regulators


Runway Girl Network has already broken the mould when it comes to reporting aviation news in a way that is accurate, hard-hitting and timely, yet fun and easy to digest for industry players and passengers alike.

Now it’s time to take the #PaxEx adventure to a whole new platform: Video!

In this (the very first) episode of #PaxEx TV, we talk about how regulators are addressing aircraft hacking concerns, what techniques are being employed by airlines and airframers to squeeze more seats into increasingly confining economy class cabins, how the internet of things could improve turnaround times, why supplier constraints and delivery delays matter to passengers, and more.

We also visit LSG Sky Chefs’ massive aircraft catering unit in Munich to get a look at how airline catering works at a major hub and talk to managing director Oliver Barthelmeh about food safety.