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#PaxEx Podcast: Passenger Restraints and Wi-Fi Complaints


Welcome to Episode 12 of the #PaxEx Podcast. Ours guests are Sylvester Pittman and Darin Topham – two former flight attendants who now consult for the airline industry, and are widely known as the “Airline Guys”.

Airline GuysIn this episode we talk about restraining unruly passengers in the cabin. What must crew observe – and what protocol must they follow – before strapping plastic handcuffs on passengers? And is passenger rage on the rise? Pittman and Topham give us the low down in advance of IATA’s first-ever Cabin Operations Safety Conference in Madrid.

We also discuss Inmarsat’s proposal to arm crew with a ‘satcom flare’ – aka a distress signal – in the wake of the tragic disappearance of MH370. Would cabin crew welcome this sort of “panic button”?

Finally, we look at how AT&T is going for Gogo’s jugular by jumping into the inflight connectivity market with a planned new 4G LTE-based air-to-ground system. We address the issue from a financial perspective as well as a #PaxEx perspective. Sylvester and Darin give us the crew’s perspective on┬ádealing with IFEC problems in-flight.

Is it any wonder why crew and passengers are eager to see if AT&T can deliver a better product?