Episode 003: Surfing A Mega Merger Wave


Welcome to Episode 003 of the #PaxEx Podcast! Our guest is Cynthia Drescher, managing editor of the hugely popular travel news and reviews site, Jaunted.com, and a true adventurer.

In this episode, Mary Kirby, co-host Max Flight and Cynthia look at why American Airlines has garnered the distinction of being named Jaunted’s 2013 Airline of the Year. We consider what American is doing right in the #PaxEx space, and discuss its employee-approved decision to keep the new flag tail.

We also delve into the topic of inflight entertainment, and look at why seat-back screens are still so prevalent on long-haul aircraft. And we discuss how there is plenty of room for various IFE solutions to play in this ever-growing market.

Last but not least, Cynthia gives us insight into how social media is having a big impact on our travel preferences and, importantly, our travel spend. And of course, on the flip side, airlines are paying far closer attention to our interests as well.

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  1. D Gembala

    I just have one question. Why haven’t the carriers raised their rates, instead of charging for bags and little snacks? They should have raised their rates, everyone, long ago. You can fly cheaper in today’s dollars just like back in 1970. Back then coule you buy a brand new car for $4,000? A house in Southern California for $150,000? 4 loaves of bread for $1.00? No, Pax now bitch about $25 bucks for a bag while they are getting the greatest deal on the planet. Pax have lost every perk they ever had, Av gas is threw the roof, salaries and Opertions have skyrocketed. The whole shebang is at 350, yet ticket prices have stagnated–is this some conspiracy? The Greyhoud crowd is now sitting next to you, clothed in a B.O. sweaty tank top, grimy toes stuffed into flip fops and his paunch into a tiny seat. This after shoving his full-size bag into the overhead and breaking the
    bin. Who has the guts to hike airfares?

    Airline Brat: Parents, Hubbie & I all at a US MAJOR CARRIER. Flying since in-vitro for over 60 years. Flyng has become Hell-on-Wheels. Plus cell phone use? Gawd, There would be murder and

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