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#PaxEx Podcast: Cabin Competition Heats Up


Welcome to Episode 2 of the #PaxEx Podcast! Our guest this week is aerophile and world traveler Seth Miller, who is considered a loyalty and points guru in the #PaxEx space, and authors the popular Wandering Aramean blog.

In this episode, Mary Kirby and co-cost Max Flight discuss Airbus’ decision to develop a new cabin – complete with pivot bin! – for the A320. The move is good news for passengers, but it will also enable Airbus to better compete with the Boeing Sky Interior on the 737NG.

We also talk to Seth about how lifetime loyalty is losing its luster for frequent flyers, and ask him to table advice to would-be million milers.

Finally, we consider the practical applications for the use of commercial drones in the face of Amazon’s proposed drone-based delivery system (which aerospace lobbying group AIA predicts will come to fruition).