Farnborough Airport Domus III facility with an aircraft nose visible in the foreground, and the ATC tower behind it.

Press Release: Farnborough Airport unveils Domus III advanced hangar


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueFarnborough Airport, the home of British aviation and Europe’s leading airport for premium air travel connectivity, has announced the grand opening of Domus III. The state-of-the-art 175,000 sq. ft hangar facility sets a new benchmark in aviation hangar infrastructure, with sustainability at the very heart of its modern and progressive design.

In August 2022, Farnborough Airport embarked on a bold £55m investment programme, to significantly enhance its facilities and infrastructure by developing a striking 300m long, four-bay, hangar facility, increasing the Airport’s overall hangar capacity by over 70%. The project has been one of the largest private inward investments into the local area for many years, further demonstrating Farnborough Airport’s pivotal role as a major employer and economic growth engine within the region.

Farnborough Airport Domus III facility from the outside.

The landmark development was conceived in response to the growing customer demand for premium hangar space and 18 months after breaking ground, Domus III has been delivered on time and within budget. The development also includes increased apron space assisting the Airport’s screening and parking requirements.

Another angle of the Farnborough Airport Domus III facility from the outside. A variety of bizjets sit in front of the facility.

Simon Geere, CEO at Farnborough Airport, commented: “Domus III represents a monumental leap forward in aviation hangar technology, setting new standards in the industry with a state-of-the-art facility that not only cements Farnborough Airport’s position as London and the South East’s premier hub for air connectivity, but also reflects our commitment to drive environmental performance across every part of our business. It is an incredibly proud moment for us and marks an extraordinary milestone in the history of the Airport and the local area. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on attracting increased economic activity to the region.”

The epxansive Farnborough Airport Domus III facility

Domus III is centrally located in a prime position adjacent to the Airport’s two main taxiways, complementing the Airport’s existing award-winning architecture and has the flexibility to accommodate several large aircraft such as the Global 7500 and the next generation of business jets including the Dassault Falcon 10X and Gulfstream G700.


The design of Domus III incorporates several sustainable features, including a fully intelligent lighting system, which incorporates daylight dimming to ensure the Airport makes the most and best efficient use of electricity on site, and translucent automated doors that stretch the entire length of the building, optimising natural light inside the hangar and reducing lighting usage. The large unhindered access provided by the door design improve aircraft manoeuvrability, helping to mitigate unnecessary emissions from aircraft handling activities. Other sustainable features include a 280m-long symphonic rainwater harvesting system, eco-friendly heating systems and a fully integrated building control and energy monitoring system to minimise operational and in-use energy consumption. 

About Farnborough Airport:

Farnborough Airport is Europe’s leading business aviation airport, the home of British aviation and first business aviation airport to achieve carbon neutrality. The most modern airport of its kind, Farnborough Airport offers five-star service, exclusivity, and privacy within easy reach of London, making it the premium choice for those looking to travel safely, flexibly, and efficiently. With health and wellbeing more important than ever, business aviation is fast becoming a preferred option for those wishing to travel with complete assurance. From the moment passengers arrive at Farnborough, they can expect exceptional service at every point in their journey through the airport, including a dedicated concierge service on hand for every need. The award-winning terminal offers multiple lounges, private meeting rooms, refreshments and even gaming consoles to keep younger travellers entertained. Passengers can also travel with their dogs or cats as Farnborough offers a Pet Travel Scheme with on-site vet to allow beloved companions to travel safely around the world.

All images credited to Farnborough Airport