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Press Release: RedCabin, APEX webinar to address cabin certification


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueLeading aviation summit pioneers, RedCabin and APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) will co-host a market leading webinar on 14 May 2024 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / 5:00 p.m. CET, on the subject of successful certification for aircraft innovation.

Participants will navigate the evolving landscape of cabin innovation and address the complex certification processes, critical for new interior designs and technologies in aviation. It will underline how manufacturers can best streamline their certification processes and accelerate the introduction of innovative aircraft interior solutions.

The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Joe Leader, APEX Group Chief Executive Officer. Leader brings unmatched expertise in airline partnerships and industry certification challenges. He will steer the discussion towards strategic insights and actionable outcomes, ensuring a focus on impactful solutions.

Panelists include Mike Thompson, FAA Manager of the Cabin Safety Division, who offers regulatory insights and certification requirements. Xia Cai, Senior Vice President of Product Development & Design at Qatar Airways brings a wealth of knowledge in product development at leading airlines. Xia will also be joined by Andrew Keleher, VP of Development, Engineering, & Certification at Boeing who will be able to discuss the manufacturing challenges and innovations to meet integration and compliance with safety and regulatory standards. 

Lars Lehmann, Head of Engineering for Cabin & Cargo Architecture and Technology at Airbus will join the panel with more than 25 years of industry experience. The team will be completed by Dr. Dietmar Voelkle, VP of Research at Diehl Aviation and Jose Pevida, SVP of Engineering & Product Development at ZIM Group. They will be able to shed light on the practical design and manufacturing aspects of aircraft interiors, highlighting the supply chain’s role in driving market innovations.

Monica Wick, founder and CEO of RedCabin, comments “The aviation industry is packed with brilliant designers and engineers committed to bringing aviation interiors innovation to market. The challenge is ensuring new innovations can be certified successfully. The purpose of this webinar is to help cast light on the process, offer opportunities for guidance and drive more innovation into the passenger experience. RedCabin exists to foster collaboration that drives innovation, and this webinar is another opportunity to help the industry deliver better experiences to passengers.”


“At APEX, we are proud to spearhead discussions with RedCabin and industry leaders that bring together the brightest minds in aviation to forge a future where innovation meets stringent safety and comfort standards,” APEX GCEO Dr. Joe Leader stated. “This seminar exemplifies our commitment to leading the industry forward, ensuring that every breakthrough in cabin design not only enhances passenger experience but does so within the framework of rigorous certification standards. APEX’s role as a catalyst in this dynamic industry landscape underscores our dedication to enhancing every aspect of airline passenger experience globally.”

Participants can sign up here.

About the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX)

As a global non-profit and one of the world’s largest international airline associations, APEX advances passenger experience with the backing of nearly every major airline and valued supplier over the past five decades.  In conjunction with both the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) and Future Travel Experience (FTE), APEX serves the full spectrum of the end-to-end travel experience. APEX reinvests all its resources to serving its members, strengthening the worldwide airline industry, advancing thought-leadership, fostering business opportunities via events, developing global initiatives, setting key airline standards, and highlighting well-deserved recognition across our industry.

About RedCabin

Founded in 2017, RedCabin is home to the global travel summit series, #RedCabinLIVE, which is focused on using collaboration and interactivity to develop new products, partnerships and processes which tackle the biggest challenges in transport and improve the passenger experience.

Attended by senior executives from the world’s major rail, aviation, and automotive organisations – including design houses, operators, and manufacturers – RedCabin is the birthplace of many innovative projects and ideas which are reshaping how we travel. 

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