Korean air wine selection set out on a table, including vegan wines

Press Release: Korean Air serving vegan wines from JFK & LAX

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueKorean Air is doubling down on its vegan outreach with the introduction of a selection of vegan fine wines on flights from Los Angeles and New York.

The airline recently expanded its global wine list with 52 new reds, whites and Champagnes, half of which are vegan and/or organic.

The 14 new wines featured in the U.S. flights are from Australia, France, Austria, Germany and the U.S.


Korean Air has seven wine selections in First Class, three of which are vegan and/or organic. The airline’s Business Class offers five different wines, four of which are vegan.

The wines complement the airlines’ new vegan meal options introduced this month.

Different types of Korean vegan dishes will be served depending on the route and season. Currently, vegan options include dishes such as steamed barley rice with burdock, roasted shiitake mushrooms, mung bean jelly salad, roasted tofu with plum salsa sauce and roasted yams with soybean paste.

Featured image credited to Korean Air