Rendering of AERQ digital signage in the galley entry way as well as on the class divider.

Press Release: Boeing Encore Interiors and AERQ team on digital signage

Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueAERQ, a provider for digital cabin solutions, and Boeing EnCore Interiors (BEI), a manufacturer of comprehensive cabin solutions, today announced their collaboration on Cabin Digital Signage, an innovative new cabin interior experience concept for airlines and their passengers.

As part of the collaboration, BEI is incorporating AERQ’s Cabin Digital Signage into the BEI galley design for testing and evaluation.  To enable discussions and feedback from potential airline customers interested in the integrated Welcome Board concept, a BEI galley model with the integrated Cabin Digital Signage will be on display in both the AERQ and Boeing exhibit booths at the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

AERQ’s OLED displays are not only lighter and more flexible, but also offer a much better picture quality compared to other screen technologies. By utilizing BEI’s capability to offer an integrated engineering design process for the galley and display, the development cycle is also shortened, with no need to involve additional third-party integration facilities.

When passengers board a plane, an aircraft galley is often the first thing they see and will therefore have great impact on the first impression. The Cabin Digital Signage product is powered by OLED technology to offer an attention-grabbing Welcome Board at the aircraft entrance areas that increases ambience and atmosphere onboard the aircraft.

The Welcome Board provides multiple use cases that airlines can easily configure such as:

  • Seating guidance
  • Flight information / Moving Map / Flight Camera Display
  • Airline branding / News updates
  • Weather / Destination information
  • Ancillary Revenue opportunities (e.g.: advertising, seat upgrade offers, etc.)‍

“The cooperation between BEI and AERQ showcases how the inflight experience can be shaped and boosted from the very beginning of the flight. We have already seen how OLED technology has been successfully applied to consumer electronics and we strongly believe that it is the future of display technology in the cabin,” said Son Yob (Louis) Pak, Co-Managing Director at AERQ. “We are very pleased about the progress on Cabin Digital Signage integration with BEI galley products. It demonstrates that AERQ’s OLED applications are end-to-end solutions. In the near future, airlines can take the digital welcome screen as part of the galley option to enhance passenger cabin experiences and explore the demand-driven content personalization and customization.”

“This new digital Welcome Board concept offers airlines exciting ways to welcome passengers as they enter the airplane – informing them of inflight services, updates on the routes they fly, seasonal promotions and more,” explained Michael Sohn, Director of New Business Development at Boeing EnCore Interiors. “The OLED screen blends seamlessly into the galley structure, delivering a contemporary and fresh aesthetic.  It enables airlines to enhance their ability to express brand identity, engage with their passengers in a more spontaneous fashion, and explore potential ancillary revenue opportunities.”

Mockups of the Cabin Digital Signage concept will be available for viewing at the Boeing booth #1UC52 and AERQ booth #4B11 at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) from June 14-16 in Hamburg.

Caption (copyright: AERQ): At this year’s AIX in Hamburg, Boeing EnCore Interiors and AERQ will present their collaboration on AERENA Cabin Digital Signage


About Boeing EnCore Interiors

Boeing EnCore Interiors (BEI) is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. BEI is comprised of dedicated industry design engineering and production experts, working together to create superior cabin interior products and unique customer experiences.  BEI offers comprehensive cabin solutions for both wide and narrow-body aircraft, servicing both linefit and retrofit markets.  With Boeing’s acquisition of EnCore In 2019, the company is able to leverage the additional technical expertise, scale, and breadth of Boeing’s capabilities.

About AERQ

AERQ is a joint venture between LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik. It was founded in June 2019 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. With its roots in consumer electronics and aviation it uses the extensive knowledge from both parent companies to develop digital solutions for aircraft cabins.
AERQ takes the digital transformation of aircraft cabins to a new level by turning them into spaces for new ideas and business development. AERQ enables airlines to digitalise their aircraft cabins by providing a new kind of digital ecosystem in and around the aircraft fuelled by software, hardware and data.

Featured image credited to AERQ