STARLUX A330neo parked at the gate.

Press Release: STARLUX A330neo with new products enters service

Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueTwo STARLUX A330neo aircraft are ready to take off on June 1 operating routes from Taipei to Bangkok and Taipei to Manila. Another A330neo route from Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City is scheduled to launch June 18. Passengers who are interested in booking the new A330neo flights can visit for more information.

Despite the Covid-19 crisis, STARLUX has been steadily expanding routes across Asia-Pacific region since 2020. The A321neo has been our mainstay aircraft during this expansion. With the addition of A330neos, STARLUX is set to deploy its fleet more flexibly and provide a better flying experience to passengers.

STARLUX’s A330neo features a spacious layout with 297 seats, including 28 in business class and 269 in economy class. Business class seats are luxuriously covered with a cashmere silver back shell and enlarged privacy dividers, each seat can fold down into a fully flat bed.

A woman is reading a magazine and enjoying a drink in business class on STARLUX's A330neo

The luxurious RECARO seats in the economy cabin offer ultra-thin seatbacks to increase legroom and are equipped with high-quality leather headrest that can be adjusted six ways to provide head and neck support for various positions.

The A330neo inflight entertainment system has also been greatly upgraded. In business class, every seat is equipped with a 17.3-inch 4K screen, while passengers in economy class can also enjoy 4K resolution with 13.3-inch screen. Bluetooth audio connectivity is now available for passengers to use their own headphones onboard.

a mother and son are watching the inflight entertainment while having a meal.

In addition to the hardware upgrades, STARLUX is also rolling out new fragrance, coffee, and STARLUX cocktails.

“Home in the Air 2.0” is a new fragrance formulated by popular Taiwanese perfumer, P. Seven. Compared to the original cabin fragrance, “Home in the Air 2.0” introduces the element of Taiwanese tea as the main theme, using the original “Home in the Air” as the base and adding the aroma of tieguanyin tea to create a gentle, mature scent, which adds another dimension of tranquility for our passengers.


STARLUX cocktails have also been upgraded. STARLUX has collaborated with popular Tainan pub Bar Home mixologist Huang Yixiang to offer five new STARLUX cocktails, providing an relaxing atmosphere in the air. In addition, gourmet coffee has also been reintroduced by St.1 Cafe’/ Work Room, which exudes a premium caramel aroma on the plane.

The STARLUX Airlines A330neo will take off for Thailand on June 1, and service to Ho Chi Minh City is expected to launch starting June 18, making the A330neo the primary aircraft for Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City.

The A330neo provides free Wi-Fi service (unlimited traffic for business class, unlimited text messages for economy class). To celebrate the take-off, COSMILE members who are flying roundtrips from Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City can pre-purchase 30MB Wi-Fi plan for USD 1 (originally USD 4) starting today.

With two more A330neo scheduled for delivery by the end of the year, STARLUX will launch more routes including Japan, Singapore, etc., depending on the market situation.

STARLUX A330neo taking off

All images credited to STARLUX