A stack of brown coffee cups sits next to an Ipeco coffee pot in the coffee machine. Some coffee beans are scattered in front of the pot and cups.

Press Release: Ipeco introduces new SAROS Beverage Maker


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueIpeco, the world leader in aircraft crew seating and established supplier of executive jet passenger seating expands its growing presence within the aircraft galley insert market with the introduction of SAROS – a new range of inserts for both new and retrofit installations. These products combine technological innovation and robust performance, improving food and beverage service for airlines and operators worldwide across multiple platforms, allowing airline customisation and configuration where required. 

The SAROS Beverage Maker is the first galley insert to be launched and showcases new and exciting technological innovations. “Key features include the ability to brew 1.5 litres of beverage to 88⁰C in under 4 minutes, however flow-through heating which facilitates non-stop brewing is the game-changer, generating instant access to hot coffee or hot water for every passenger,” explains Luis Ruiz, Senior Project Engineer – Ipeco. 

Due to the flow-through heater system the SAROS Beverage Maker can perform back-to-back brewing without any pre-heat/re-fill/re-heating time – this generates significant efficiencies for crew and improves customer satisfaction. Between long periods of non-use, it will also autonomously maintain the temperature within the heater to ensure that there is always instant access to hot water at the faucet and to ensure the next brew cycle is ready to go immediately.

Key to this project was the delivery of a great user experience in the busy and highly regulated environment of the aircraft. This required a highly considered approach to the development of the simple and intuitive menu architecture and control panel. Ruiz adds, “The light bar display features patented technology unique to the SAROS range. This presents a live output of the equipment’s status providing cabin crew with important information that is visible from across the galley or down the aisle, thus reducing the need for cabin crew to return to the equipment to check its readiness.” 

The SAROS Beverage Maker is designed to reduce the effects of limescale build-up on critical control and safety components by limiting their contact with hot water. The flow-through heater design also reduces the amount of water stored within the system and therefore lowers the amount of potential limescale deposited into the hydraulics, improving reliability and maintainability.

“The Ipeco SAROS Beverage Maker has undertaken the most extensive test programme we have ever conducted, to guarantee its performance and planned in-service life. We are delivering an attractive unit with innovative features to cabin crews around the world to help them deliver an improved=  passenger service with less hassle,” says Andrew Braley, VP Business Development.


Founded in 1960, Ipeco is now in its third generation of family ownership during which time it has  continued to develop valuable long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers. “Ipeco is also  able to offer a 24/7 customer support service through its global presence with spares distribution, repair and service centres in Brazil, North America, UK, Dubai, New Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing,”  Braley adds.

Ipeco Holdings Limited is a world leader in aircraft crew seating and an established supplier in executive passenger seating with a developing share of the galley insert market. The Company has developed an extensive manufacturing capability to deliver these products and sustain its reputation for innovation and quality. Ipeco is a global company operating on several continents and always strives to offer its customers total flexibility, integrity, reliability, and satisfaction.

Featured image credited to Ipeco