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Press Release: AERQ presents subsequent partnerships for AERENA


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueAERQ today announced it will collaborate with further partners whose apps and offerings will be available on AERENA, the digital platform offering that was announced in October 2021.

AERENA can create revenue, savings and growth through an open IT system including inseat and cabin digital signage system solutions for airlines. It will facilitate greater passenger engagement onboard the aircraft leading to a deeper understanding of passengers’ inflight behaviors and needs. The platform connects airlines, passengers and selected third party partners to kickstart a new global economy in the sky.

“We are excited to announce further partners for AERENA. They play an important role in the creation of a memorable digital experience onboard as their apps and offerings will help passengers make the most out of the time spend onboard. Our objective is to have a wide variety of content for AERENA across different use cases and industries. This is just the beginning, there are many more partners to come,” said Arnd Kikker, Co-Managing Director at AERQ.

“Partnerships are a fundamental component of AERENA. Airlines will be able to choose from the extensive portfolio to match any personal experience and preference of their passengers. Content will range from information and gaming to entertainment and planning of the stay at a destination, all enhancing ancillary revenues,” added Sang Soo Lee, Co-Managing Director at AERQ.

With its cloud-based and open software architecture AERENA allows instant onboarding of third parties. The partners and their offerings are:



Gladi8tor provides high-quality gaming entertainment for passengers on-board. This experience includes a wide variety of games to play, news from the gaming industry, a video channel offering esports and popular gameplays and an onboard digital shop with the latest games for consoles and PC. On the AERENA platform Gladi8tor creates an opportunity for the airline and their partners to generate revenue through advertising and digital sales.


Inflightflix curates and monetises premium destination video guides, showcasing great destination experiences aligned to each airline’s brand. On AERENA, InflightFlix will enhance the passenger experience, convert destination content cost to revenue for airlines and inspire additional travel.


MediaCarrier isa digital media distribution provider. Through any digital touchpoint during the travel journey (e.g an app), passengers can download newspapers or magazines either in- or pre-flight. With AERENA, MediaCarriers’s solution can also be used to distribute targeted advertisement to passengers.


The Rydes app bundles all mobility options and makes them accessible via a monthly mobility budget. All trips booked via Rydes are entirely offset and therefore 100percent carbon neutral. Offered on AERENA, passengers can book their preferred mobility solutions for a given destination during their flight.

With these partners passengers will benefit from the personalisation of the AERENA platform as airlines will be able to offer them the right content, products, and experiences at the right time. Airlines will receive a tool to transform the business model inside the aircraft. In September 2021, AERQ had announced one of the first partnerships with ABOVE to automate content supply to the aircraft and the fleet with the aim to reduce time for loading content onboard from months to weeks.

About AERQ

AERQ is a joint venture between LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik. It was founded in June2019 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. With its roots in consumer electronics and aviation it uses the extensive knowledge from both parent companies to develop digital solutions for aircraft cabins.
AERQ takes the digital transformation of aircraft cabins to a new level by turning them into spaces for new ideas and business development. AERQ enables airlines to digitalise their aircraft cabins by providing a new kind of digital ecosystem in and around the aircraft fuelled by software, hardware and data.

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