Young disabled African American woman in wheelchair at home.

Press Release: Grab My Bag works to lighten the load for PRMs

Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueAs travel begins to takeoff again around the US, Grab My Bag has begun its mission to revolutionize the baggage claim process for travelers by offering a luggage delivery service from the airport baggage claim to the traveler’s requested location.

Realizing that the “last mile” of the travel process — retrieving your baggage from the airport baggage claim carousel — is more often than not, challenging and time consuming for individuals that do not face mobility challenges, Grab My Bag knew it was especially challenging for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Emory Reignz, CEO/Founder of Grab My Bag said, “For many years, I worked with the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black military aviators in the U.S. Army Air Corps. They were Heroes, but they were seniors and persons with disabilities. We traveled a lot, and retrieving their baggage from crowded baggage claim carousels after flights, was the most taxing part of the process for them.

“It often meant that they were wheeled to a random section and made to wait while an eager helper tirelessly tried to locate their bags. They were tired and just wanted to go home after their flight– now people like them can.”


Grab My Bag is now working with various organizations to do their part in improving the travel process for seniors, persons with disabilities, and their families. Their service is simple and affordable, with the delivery of two bags or less starting at only $35.

To use Grab My Bag, travelers first book a flight with the airline of their choosing, then “Book-a-GRAB,” using Grab My Bag’s website, or by calling 1 (833) 244-9994. They are not affiliated with the airports or airlines and work on behalf of the traveler to lighten their load, ease minds, and offer convenience, during the baggage claim process.

Reignz said, “Our service is a hassle-free alternative to waiting at airport baggage claim. It encourages seniors, persons with disabilities, and their families to travel more and stress less. Their community is at higher risk for contracting COVID-19 and we care. We want them to be safe and live their lives. Land and go; we’ll take care of the rest.”

Featured image courtesy of Grab My Bag