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Press Release: SkyFive’s sister company to connect China with 5G ATG

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueSkyFive today announced the creation of SkyFive Inflight Connectivity (Beijing) Co. Ltd., an independent sister company dedicated to developing the 5G Air-to-Ground solution for the Chinese market and providing true broadband inflight connectivity services to airlines in China.

China has lately become the world’s largest airline passenger market and set out on an ambitious mission to connect their skies, as an enabler of the profound digitization of the airline industry. To fully cater for the needs of increasingly connected aircraft flying in the dense Chinese airspace, the government decided to leapfrog legacy satellite technologies and rely on 5G-based Air-to-Ground (ATG) communications to provide aerial broadband connectivity services. Airline passengers will experience high speed Internet in the aircraft cabin, and airlines will benefit from significantly improved operational efficiency, all delivered at a minimum cost per bit.

The creation of SkyFive Inflight Connectivity (Beijing) Co. Ltd. follows the earlier announcement of a partnership with Airbus to develop a 5G ATG solution for the Chinese market. Only five months after the announcement, the solution was demonstrated to leading Chinese airlines at the Airbus Innovation Center in Shenzhen with exciting results. After jump-starting the new company, SkyFive Inflight Connectivity (Beijing) Co. Ltd. will take the lead on further developing the solution, with strong support from the SkyFive team in Germany, thereby leveraging more than 10 years of expertise in ATG communications.


About SkyFive AG:

SkyFive is a provider that specializes in Air-to-Ground solutions and services for the aviation market. The team has led its Air-to-Ground solution from early research to large-scale commercial implementation over 41 countries in Europe. SkyFive partners with Mobile Operators to deliver true broadband services to airline passengers, enable the massive real-time transfer of aircraft systems data, and provide robust and secure aerial coverage for public safety authorities and novel forms of Urban Air Mobility. The company is headquartered on the Ludwig Boelkow Aerospace and Security Campus in Munich, Germany.

About SkyFive Inflight Connectivity (Beijing) Co. Ltd.:

SkyFive Inflight Connectivity (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is an independent sister company of SkyFive AG, dedicated to developing the 5G Air-to-Ground solution for the Chinese market. The company is based in the Pilot Free Trade Zone International Business Service Area in Beijing, China.