Boeing 737 KLM cabin with deep brown fabrics and light blue

Press Release: KLM renews entire cabin interior of 14 Boeing 737-800s


KLM has started the complete renewal of the cabins of 14 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, for both Business Class and Economy Class.

The refurbished aircraft, which are mainly used for European flights, offer passengers more comfort and style and consume less fuel because the renewed cabin weighs 700 kilos less.

KLM's old cabin seating to the left and the new cabin seating is displayed on the right. both are browns and blues.The first refurbished aircraft has already gone into service. In March 2022, the interior of the last in this series of 737-800s will be completely transformed. All activities are carried out by KLM’s Engineering and Maintenance division.

737 KLM retrofit seat deep brown headrest with blue outer edge.The new ergonomically designed seats for Business Class and Economy Class offer more comfort and extra legroom.


The upholstery is made of mostly recycled leather. The seats are 20% lighter on average, reducing the total cabin weight by 700 kg. This saves 58 tonnes of fuel and 184 tonnes of CO2 emissions per aircraft per year.

For all 14 aircraft combined, this represents annual fuel savings of 812 tonnes and a reduction of 2,576 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

All refurbished Boeing 737-800s are to be equipped with Wi-Fi. To use the service passengers can purchase vouchers on KLM’s free in-flight portal. Passengers always get 30 minutes of free messaging.

Each seat has its own USB port for charging devices during the flight. Larger overhead bins provide more storage space on board. LED mood lighting creates a fresh or soothing atmosphere – depending on the time of day.

KLM inseat power port showing at the bottom of the seat.