Woman making aircraft carpet

Press Release: S7 receives EASA approval for aircraft carpet production

Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueThe aircraft cabin carpets production shop, which is located at S7 Technics’ base in Novosibirsk, Siberia has received EASA Part-21 G approval.

Previously, this work was conducted under EASA Part-145 approval. As part of that approval, most of the cabin carpet products for Russian airlines’ aircraft were fabricated and changed in the course of base maintenance.

“Fabrication of aircraft cabin carpets under the EASA Part-145 approval has not only certain advantages, but also a number of limitations. Therefore, recently, airlines’ representatives have increasingly expressed their wishes to obtain new carpets with the certificate EASA Form 1 , in order to organize a more rapid replacement,” said Mikhail Golovanov, a Quality Assurance Manager at S7 Technics.

For now, each new cabin carpet product will be released with a certificate EASA Form 1, which will make the process of cabin carpet replacement faster.


The carpet production shop is located at the Novosibirsk base and the presence of this approval enables the MRO provider to produce and move stock of carpets to other S7 Technics’ bases and install them on customer aircraft.

The certified production shop has a 320 sq. m. area with six specialists involved in the production of carpets under EASA Part-21 G approval.

Only certified materials from leading foreign manufacturers – Lantal, Anker, Botany Weaving – are used in the production of aircraft cabin carpets.

The production shop has manufacturing capacity at least 1,500 carpets per year.