1. Shahin

    I am going to fiji in july and hoping to fly in this airplane first or business class.going to fiji after 20years.

  2. Valerie Addison

    Mrs Valerie Addison
    January 23, 2020 at 5:11 am – Reply
    Anything would be an improvement after a recent Fiji Airways. It was ferrible, i always fly qantas, was advised they are of the sa m e group. Service poor, old seats. I had to ask for a drink. No option to watch a movies. We paid additional for exit row seats. We know find we have issue with Qantas betting our return flight frequent flyer points. Asking for my boarding pass. Place in bed upon my return.
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  3. Sila Challender

    Heading to Fiji in April for Easter break. Hoping to be on this plane too. That would be a treat💝💝 🤞🤞