Inflight Dublin EverHub W-IFE solution is pictured

Press Release: Inflight Dublin launches next-gen Everhub portable server


Inflight Dublin, a global provider of inflight entertainment and wireless solutions, has announced the launch of their next-generation Everhub Portable Wireless Server.

The Everhub portable server is DO-160G certified, making it the safest and most reliable portable server on the market. The server can operate from battery power or aircraft power, and delivers secure, high-definition, browser-based DRM content to 75 passengers per unit. The Everhub portable server minimises operational costs through its remote loading of content and hot-swappable battery configuration.

The state-of-the-art hardware is complimented by the Everhub software platform which is fully customisable and tailored to airline’s requirements. This allows each airline to create an immersive and user-friendly wireless IFE experience. It includes ancillary revenue services, and informative data analytics through the Everhub Control Centre back office system.


The Control Centre incorporates Everhub Insights, an advanced data analytics tool delivering tailored reports and Power BI integration. The data is used by our Content team and shared with our clients to continuously improve the media selection and help create targeted passenger experiences. In addition, airlines will have direct access to system usage statistics, server status, advertising configuration/tracking, and admin tools all through the Control Centre web portal.

“The next-generation Everhub server further enhances Inflight Dublin’s position as the only end-to-end wireless IFE solution provider in the market. With the launch of our own server hardware, we are in direct control of all the elements that airlines need to implement a wireless solution, namely hardware, software, content (including Early Window Hollywood movies) and design services.” John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO.

“We started looking at an option for our own server based on our experience providing wireless IFE solutions on a number of fixed and portable platforms. We fed this learning into the design of our new server to provide a robust and scalable system which seamlessly integrates both our cloud and aircraft hosted services to deliver the best passenger and airline experience in a single offering.” David Miller, Inflight Dublin’s CTO.