Press Release: IAMA welcomes first advisory member to the Alliance


IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance, today announced that aviation supplier EURO-COMPOSITES® has signed a Letter of Intent to join as IAMA’s first Advisory Member. EURO-COMPOSITES, a leading parts supplier and EASA 21J Design Organisation in the aviation aftermarket, has operations in Luxembourg, Germany and the United States.

IAMA, which was launched in early April by EAD Aerospace, Envoy Aerospace, Etihad Airways Engineering and Lufthansa Technik, advocates for trustworthy STCs (Supplemental Type Certificate) in the aviation retrofit market.

“Our recent achievement as a Design Organisation (EASA Part 21J Certification) was an important milestone for us, and becoming an Advisory Member of IAMA is another key step in our business strategy,” said Rolf Mathias Alter, CEO of EURO-COMPOSITES. “With our extensive interiors, machined parts and panels, we are joining IAMA to help advance STC quality. Bringing our valuable know-how, manufacturing capabilities and R&D resources to the alliance will benefit current and future IAMA members and more importantly, aircraft owners and operators.”

Once IAMA is a legal entity, at the end of 2019, it will be open to all aviation market participants including aircraft manufacturers, airlines, suppliers and lessors. IAMA offers three primary types of paid memberships: Full, Advisory and Basic. Members have access to specific benefits depending upon their role in the aviation ecosystem, and their membership level. Full and Basic memberships are for organisations with STC capabilities, while Advisory memberships are for airframe and system OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Airlines, banks and lessors may join for free. Members can shape the alliance’s direction through participation in a variety of working groups. Those already established are: STC Standard, Certification and Authority Affairs, IAMA Community and Aligned Information campaign, and the Intellectual Property working groups. Learn more here:

“We are extremely pleased to welcome EURO-COMPOSITES in its new role as an Advisory member of IAMA. It is gratifying that over a short period of time, our message of transparency, openness, independence and quality resonates with leading aviation industry providers,” said Nicole Noack, Head of IAMA. “Since we launched the alliance in April, we are continuing to build our membership, and to understand the pain points of various stakeholders. An important first initiative, driven by our STC working group, is a rule book which starts with addressing airline and lessor concerns. This program includes simplifying an STC project’s lifecycle – from the airline operator and lessor point of view, along with rules and standards that independent modifiers must follow to obtain, retain and display an IAMA quality standing.”

“By establishing and publishing standards, validated by experts and endorsed by IAMA, our goal is to increase the credibility of STCs developed by independent aircraft modifier firms,” notes Noack.

“Openness and transparency are hallmarks of the IAMA STC brand, and we are committed to delivering predictably high quality STCs which will enhance safety and help preserve aircraft value.”



The EC Group, founded in 1985, is a global player in the field of high quality and sophisticated composite materials and employs around 1100 skilled personnel today. EURO-COMPOSITES has production sites in Europe and the United States. Headquartered in Echternach, Luxembourg EURO-COMPOSITES is the leading European manufacturer for a broad range of value-added solutions like interiors, monuments, panels, customized machined parts, floor boards, etc. Visit to learn more.

About IAMA

We at IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance, are advocates and supporters of member companies in the aircraft retrofit modification market. We are educators, identifying and highlighting value of Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) within the aircraft lifecycle. We collaborate to develop standards that streamline communications and documentation within approved STC modification projects. To ensure that effective modernisations meet aircraft operator and owner requirements, we endorse STC-approved solutions.

Founded by retrofit market leaders, we believe an independent, transparent market is a strong market that will benefit everyone. To learn more and join, visit: